Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th, 2011

Not much to say today, I've just noticed more folks following my blog of late so I wanted to thank them.  To all who have stopped by and want to keep doing so, thank you! Sure it may not be the thousands that came after my write-up in the Seattle Times several years ago, but I like this even better.  Folks not looking for a quick fix, but a sustainable future. 

Speaking of sustainable.  My hens may not give me eggs forever, but whoever thought their egg production would fall off in the winter (moi) was sadly mistaken.  I've had to give away dozens and dozens of eggs just to not feel so bad about not using them.  We don't eat eggs every day, but we do consume our fair share.  But when the girls are giving on average 3 eggs a day it adds up quick. 

I have to thank my wife for stepping up and taking care of the hens all week when I'm at work.  She gathers the eggs, feeds and waters the hens, and gives them that added human contact that they like so much.  And to think hens were completely my idea that I had to wear her down just to let me get them. 

I still do the cleaning.  Speaking of which, this weekend I had to clean out the coop after only a few months.  I'm not sure how, but the bedding almost looked wet.  I'm pretty sure I don't have leaks, though with all the ventilation I'm sure the dew gets in.  That and since the hens have been cooped up almost exclusively since the grass stopped growing, they soil it more.  Not that I'm complaining, the moist nitrogen rich bedding is great for the compost, which is almost full. If only I had some other greens to add to it. Maybe I'll have my wife swing by Starbucks for something other than a Chi Frappochino.  Hehe.

Well folks, that's about it.  My fall garden is not overwintering nicely so I will end up feeding it to the chickens, but at least they'll get something other than organic feed and kitchen scraps.

Take care and stay warm!