Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29, 2008

Well, I'm still trying to get my blog skills down, but since my background is done and updated, now it's time to start the periodic progress reports. 

Both my son and I are excited about watching the water boil, er wait, the seeds sprout.  Recall that I've got 4 broccoli and 4 cauliflower going in a cool whip container full of vermiculite, as well as, 8 Jiffy peat seedling pots full of Mel's Mix with 2 lettuce seeds each, sitting on top of the fridge.  I'm like a kid in a candy store, always climbing up on a step stool and looking to see if I have any sprouts.  Also, it did my heart good to see my 4 year old ask if he could see if the garden was growing. 

The garage sprouts are doing much better now that I set the cool whip containers in plastic spill trays on top of a heating pad.  Instead of 45 degrees during the cold winter nights they're at 60 degrees, peaking at 65 degrees in the winter sun.  In just 24 hours the leaves are starting to spread out and now I've got as many as 4 leaves at the top of the broccoli and cauliflower.  Still no leaves coming out of the stock though.  I'm confused again.

Anyway, I'm off work, making up the last two 2007 vacation days I didn't get around to taking, so maybe I'll check out lumber today, if the weather cooperates, we've still got 2 inches of snow outside.  Don't laugh, the Seattle area isn't built for snow.

I just checked out the FarmFareGirl blog that Judy has linked to her blog. That blogger has way too much time on her hands.  Wow!  It did give me some not-in-this-lifetime ideas for later though.

Got some more computer time and did a search on GardenWeb for blueberries.  One of the two (Blueray) I planted in October 2007 lost all it's leaves and turned brown/rust color within a month of planting.  The other (Legacy) not only kept its leaves but STILL has all its leaves in late winter. It looks funny in snow.  I asked a couple nurseries and they said blueberry bushes are deciduous so the Legacy would lose its leaves.  It's still proving them wrong.  I did a scratch test on the brown twigs and there's still green underneath, so according to the experts it's still alive.  Go figure.  I'll post on the Fruit forum to see if this is odd. Doh, I posted a question on the Fruit forum, but silly me, I forgot to mention in the subject line.  Oh well, at least I'll get a lot of views, just nobody that knows about blueberries.

On a lighter note, searching for info on blueberry bushes on GardenWeb has resulted in a fair amount of potentially useful information, so I started a Word document and am taking notes. 

EEK! I just figured out I need to start my onion starts so my wife can have her green onions.  They are planted in 16 per SF sets, but I don't want that many onions all at once so I'll just do 8, then do another 8 in two weeks.  If I put them in my sons' window sill I can germinate more in the same vermiculite while I let the sprouted ones get their sun.

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