Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

My oh my.  I want to thank the folks that have come here and left comments of encouragement of late.  They actually got me off my duff and back to the site with the intention to post again.  Unfortunately when I got here the theme had changed.  Not only was it ugly, but it lacked a way to log in to change it or post.  Thankfully I found a way to get to the login page directly, so hopefully all is well again. 

Since my last post, the weather changed here yet again.  We had a week of 90+ degree temperatures, which killed my cold weather crops while we were on vacation.  Not only that, but the fall broccoli and cauliflower that I planted out right before I left didn't make it in the heat.  Too fragile I guess.  Shame, it was yummy what I got to eat. 

So let's see, what else is going on.  The salad greens have all bolted, except the romaine from EG.  It has actually started forming hearts.  I was wondering when that would happen.  I still hope to harvest the outer leaves and keep it producing.  Not sure.  Anyway, before I left late last month, I planted an entire bed of salad greens for fall.  What came up is doing fairly well, but the spinach was a bust.  I think I got 3 plants out of 30 seeds.  Insane.  That's too bad because we were really liking the spinach.  My youngest eats NO veggies so adding spinach to smoothies was a real hit.  Shh, don't tell him. hehe.

What else.  Ah yes, the carrot fiasco.  A week ago my eldest asked to go get a carrot from the garden.  Of course.  Then my yougest wants to do so.  However, he decides he wants the perfect one, so he harvests a dozen, expecting to put them back in the ground like Curious George.  So, when I get out there, I ask my eldest to pick up all the carrots that his brother pulled while I got educate my youngest.  Alas, all he apparently heard was pick all the carrots.  When I got back he'd harvested nearly the entire bed.  I went crazy.   It ended up being 4 pounds of baby carrots.  I couldn't be mad at him for long though, he was heartbroken.  He was only doing what he thought I wanted and truly loves carrots, so he was distraught until we researched and found out how to keep them for a month or more.  We can easily go through them in that. time.  Live and learn.

Well, that's plenty for this post.  Sorry I don't have pics for this one. I can't find my cord to upload photos to my sharing site.  Speaking of pictures, we got a new camera for our trip.  It's a real nice one, so I hope to start using it more for the garden so you get better pics.  Something to look forward to, don't you think?  Hope your weather's better than ours and get out and enjoy your garden!


  1. Hey! Welcome back! I did see the transformation that your blog took a little while ago and have to agree, it was quite plain. I like the new look.

    So sorry about the carrot fiasco. Are you going to try to plant some more?

  2. Oh that was such a sweet (and slightly sad) story about the carrots. I could see how that could happen. Poor little mite.

    Glad you are back. Missed your blog posts.

  3. That's so cute, and so sad. Next time! I still find the occasionally over-harvested bit from the kids. Oddly enough, it's never the summer squash. . .
    Nice blog format! Welcome back.

  4. Glad to see you're still up and gardening. Poor boy with the carrots! You can plant more for fall, can't you?

  5. Those carrots are just so tempting. It's like opening a little present each time you pull one out. You're not sure if it will be the big one or not. At least that's why I think my kids keep pulling all mine out as well. :-)

  6. Hi Rich! How are you doing? Glad to see you back :-)

    I thought it was weird when your blog theme had changed.... I thought maybe you were going to try and change the theme... Glad you got your old theme back! I will go in and look at it (if I remember my log in LOL)

    Our garden is just about done for the summer... the heat is just way too much this year. We have a few beds of different kinds of bean growing but everything else is pretty much burn up (including the tomatoes).

    It's time for me to get some seeds started inside for the fall garden. I'll talk to you soon!

  7. Glad to see you posting again. I know that summers keep a lot of us busy, but your blog being down made your absence seem all the more ominous! A sense of humor has to help with the carrot calamity, not to mention this heat we've all been suffering.

    Looking forward to seeing your updates as they roll in.

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  9. probably not at all funny at the time but soo funny to read this now. Sounds like something my boys would do! Love it.

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