Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011

I was just sitting here wondering what folks blog about in the off season. Nothing I'd growing in the garden and the overwintering broccoli isn't holding up like I wanted. That said I can feed them to the hens.

They'd like the fresh veg. I haven't been ranging them since the weather turned foul. I tried it a few times and they demolished the grass. It scared me, so, when they get out of the mini-run the arc stays right there. There's no grass there anyway. I feel bad, but they don't seem to mind. I even open the cleanout door when they're in the coop and they don't jump out. Go figure.

Lastly, the weather's turned amazingly foul this week. I've had a regular light bulb in there for the chickens for when the temps drop below freezing. I don't like keeping the hens in light all night, but they manage. The light adds 5 degrees to coop temp.  Anyway, tonight we're getting into to 20s and that's just horrible. So, tonight I'm considering throwing the heat lamp in there. Not sure.

So, I hope you have a garden that either is growing now or was big enough to allow you to put up enough to be eating from your garden still.



  1. Since I don't have any chickens, I was curious on how you take care of chickens in the winter. What are the requirements for them?

  2. I wish I had chickens.. our city bylaws prevent them, but hopefully those will be overturned soon - fingers crossed.. I'm sorry to hear about your cold snap.. we've had remarkably mild weather - it was 12 degrees Celsius today which is 54 F! Usually , our winter veggies have stopped growing by now and are just sheltering under their mini tunnels and cold frames, but the mild Oct/early Nov encouraged more growth and the structures are packed full.. There is nothing like a cold season salad and we're set to enjoy about 25 various veg for the coming winter. Can't wait until the frosts sweeten those carrots. such a treat! :) Hope milder weather comes your way.. Niki

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