Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

Well, I didn't get a chance to get out to the garden tonight.  As is typical these days, I rushed home from work, changed clothes, raced to the soccer field to relieve my wife so she could go to a meeting.  After practice, I took my eldest to my folks to meet up with my youngest, had a bit of dinner, helped with a project and brought the kids home to bed.  Rinse repeat.  Frankly I've been lucky to water my SWCs because they're a closed system and rain doesn't help them.  I thought I had some pics of the garden on my phone but don't, so alas, you'll have to wait another day until I can get out and snap some shots.  Trust me, it will make your garden look good.


  1. I think the week following a long weekend is always more hectic. I have been scrambling all week and the prospects are not much better for the remainder of it. Fortunately, the garden seems to be in auto pilot mode at the moment.

  2. So your garden has also been looking bad too eh?

    The two cucumber plants I have pretty much are dead now. The tomato plants are the same way. The potatoes planted in the ground are dying although the one that survived in the potato bin is still thriving very well!

    We are still getting plenty of peppers and green beans though - we picked another three pounds of green beans yesterday.

    The corn we planted this year is very odd; the Sugar Dots corn was kept in the small planters for three weeks and became root-bound - but they did grow to around four feet tall with an ear on about 50% of them. The Peaches & Cream corn was in the small planters for about two weeks - and they were put in the compost bed and are all over 9 feet tall! They unfortunately started shedding pollen almost a week before even one ear began silking. While I was able to pollinate some of them, about 17 have began silking this past weekend and there is zero pollen left. I think I'll stick with the Sugar Dots variety - although I will now have to buy it online since the local stores no longer carry it.

  3. Sorry to hear about the garden, but it sure is great to have you back!