Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!  Just had to post tonight to say that my youngest grabbed a broccoli stalk from a snack tray and started nibbling on it.  Now he loves it all of a sudden.  This is huge because he's my junk food kid.  My eldest tried it and gagged.  I always expected him to like it first since he's my veggie kid. 

Anyway I'm thrilled.  The only bad part is he doesn't believe that daddy's broccoli tastes even better, and I am fresh out this year to prove him wrong.  Too bad my broccoli didn't have enough time to mature before fall.  Next year I'll follow KitsapFG to the T.

Short post, but on a separate note, I brought my 18 inch tall stevia plant inside this fall hoping to keep it alive through the winter so it would be perennial.  Well, so far, it's been parked on top of my fridge and the lower leaves are all turning brown and dying.  It's not for lack of water.  Any ideas?

Lastly, it hailed at my house today, then froze into a crunch sheet of ice.  Insane for November here.  How's your weather?


  1. Woohoo for the broccoli eating kid! :D

    Is the stevia plant getting lots of direct sun on the fridge top? Did you have to repot it and if so did the roots take a beating while transplanting it? Lots of reasons a plant fails to thrive - but those are two ideas that pop into my head immediately.

  2. That refrigerator might be actually warm and drying too. Watch for overwatering, and make sure it's getting light?
    I don't know -- do a web search on "stevia growing indoors" and see if you get good tips?

  3. Ridiculously warm here. We haven't had a frost yet and it was 75 degrees today. When the weather changes, it will change hard and fast.

  4. Cooling down into the 70s here this week, after record breaking high temps for the past two weeks. Our nights are dropping from the 60s into the 40s, so my tomato plants will be coming inside in the evenings from now on. It should be great lettuce, spinach, onion and radish growing weather!

    I'll bet the stevia needs more sunshine. Why don't you try putting it under your grow lights?