Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

Brrr it was cold today.  Not freezing, but puddles were iced over none-the-less.  It wasn't raining so the boys and I spent part of the day outside raking leaves.  Remind me not to wait until mid-November to do it next year.  Wet leaves are more of a pain to deal with and wet junk droppings weigh a ton, making it impossible to get them all into my yard waste container (I don't want them in my compost, not sure why). 

So now my compost bin is full up with wet leaves.  Maybe I'll run to Starbucks tomorrow and grab some Grounds for Your Garden to throw in on top.  Maybe get some heat action going so I can see the steam wafting off it.  I haven't been as active at composting this fall since work's been hellish.  In fact, I haven't even been using my kitchen compost because the bucket is full.  I SO need to empty it tomorrow so we can get back to using it.  I am such a bad gardener right now, it's unreal.

Anyway, thanks all for your thoughts on my stevia plant.  It wasn't getting any sunlight on the top of my fridge.  I have since moved it to the unheated garage where it's in the southern facing window.  Hopefully the limited direct sunlight it gets in the fall/winter is better at keeping it alive than warmth since it's really cold in there right now.  hehe  Oh, and as for the grow lights idea, unfortunately my setup doesn't reach more than 18 inches and the plant is taller than that in the pot, so that won't work. 

Stay warm and dry and dream of spring!


  1. I hear you on being a slacker composter. I just got five big bags of rabbit poop -- if I could get to my bins I could layer it in to a bin and be a Good Composter.

    But I can't.

    Hang in there!

  2. You shouldn't apologize for something beyond your control. Your work must be really hectic right now, because I know how much the garden - and composting means to you.

  3. My trees took a long time to drop their leaves this year, so I have had to wait to do the big raking up process... and consequently... everything is thorough wet and heavy. Not looking forward to tackling it as a result. The winds today should finish pulling the leaves down and I will not have an excuse any longer.

  4. Your stevia plant did really well this season, looks nice and healthy.

  5. we have a small stevia garden at home and the dried leaves are very very sweet*",

  6. the thing i like about stevia is that it is tooth friendly;,.