Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

The Friday before Spring Break, my 3 year old was given a book by his preschool teacher.  Let me say he LOVES reading.  Well we read to him.  He'll sit raptured as we read him stacks of books. I love reading anything about gardening to him.  Surpisingly there are many kids books that are about farming or gardening.  So when he showed me the book from his teacher, I was happy.  It was about a real chicken and how she loves worms when her "sisters" like corn, and she likes finding creative places to lay her eggs rather than just the nesting box.  He loved the book and wanted me to read it over and over.  That afternoon, the sun was breaking through the clouds I took my boys for a walk. 

A block away from my folks place is a couple that raises chickens in their fenced front yard.  I had expected to show them the coup and the nesting boxes like in the book, and maybe get a glimpse of some of the girls pecking away in the yard.  Instead, we found the home owner in the yard gardening.  She was gracious and generous.  She let us tour the yard, the coup and play with the hens.  I hadn't expected that, but it was a joy for the kids.  I love that she uses the eggs for her family and the left overs go to her restaurant.  When I get a job I plan on going there to return the favor.


The coup has all the right ingredients including 4 nesting boxes, one had several eggs in it that day.

The kids had a blast feeding bread to the chickens, though even the nicest ones shied away from them. 

However, the best time was when she brought out a couple of chicks that she bought for her cousin and is raising until they're ready to leave the nest so-to-speak (she has heat lamps). 

The kids got to hold the little ones, but we had one dropped bird and one pecking.  All in all, that was the highlight of my week.

I would love to have a few birds of my own.  I saw a mini-coup that was like an egg for two birds with a hoop cage to protect them from raccoons. I am a bit worried about the viscious coon problem we have here, but that setup was a good solution.  Sorry I didn't take a picture of it. 

Anyway, it doesn't matter, my wife doesn't want them.  I've asked and asked, but she keeps saying no, despite her love of the fresh eggs we've had in the past.  Maybe some day.

Enjoy your garden, and try a fresh egg, they're unbelievable!


  1. What a great experience for you and the kids. Great pictures too, thanks for sharing. I have been toying with the idea of having chickens, but K doesn't want to either. It wouldn't be fun if he's not on board with it. Maybe some day.

  2. My mom hires a woman to sit with my grandmother sometimes so my mother can get some things done. lol She raises chickens and brings us fresh eggs. My daughter LOVES them. Especially the brown eggs. I wanted to raise chickens too but my mother said that we are not zoned for it. I didn't know you had to be zoned to raise chickens but I am thankful too because I would hate for a neighbor to buy some roosters and have them wake me up on a Saturday morning crowing! lol

  3. The boy just got a gardening book about a lazy bear and rabbits who agree to plant the bear's farm if they can have the bottoms of the veggies (They plant all root ones) then they say he can have the bottoms and they plant all top bearing crops. Then they say the bear can have both the tops and bottoms and they plant corn etc. It's a very cute book.

    I want chickens, too. I'm at the point of throwing a childish fit. It would be pretty impressive as I've paid close attention to my children's fits.

  4. I know that book about the bear and rabbit! Cracks us up.

    Too bad about the chickens. Is there a history of animal care falling on her? Does she think they'll smell? Does she personally hate chickens?

  5. I have been working on my husband for some time now about adding chickens to our homestead and I think we actually have potential lift off! He just recently volunteered of his own accord that he would be "just fine with me getting a few chickens and setting up a small coop and run"! Don't want to act rashly so I will begin giving it some serious planning & consideration. That coop and flock are really charming and I bet the boys had a great time checking it out.

  6. That is one nice coop! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sinfonian - more rain barrels on Craigslist...for what it's worth. This guy is now charging 12.50 per barrel...which is a steal, really.

    The bad part? He's in Tacoma. Heres the post itself:

    Clean 50 gallon poly drums. for sale $ 12.50 each. I have about 15 of them. call me @ 253-651-0573 and leave a message.

    Hope the job hunting becomes fruitful!



  8. Hi Sinfonian!! That is wonderful that the boys were able to see the chickens up close and even get to hold the chicks! I have to say that the chickens have really been great for us here at our house. They really have been easy to take care of and provide us with way more than enough eggs for our family plus plenty to give away to other family members and friends.

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