Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A garden adventure for some cub scouts

As the Cubmaster for my sons' pack is my job to come up with an entertaining activity for after my Pack meetings. Tonight I plan on doing a little talk about spring and where our food comes from. I'm going to end off with letting them plant some seeds. To that end we have to make about 30 soil blocks today. Makes me whisk I'd invested in a real spill block maker. The one a garden buddy made for me works but is slow for this application. Oh well, it'll be good practice for when I start my own seeds... very late.

I'm thinking of letting them choose between lettuce and random flowers I've got seeds for. Not all kids like salads. Hehe. Of course it looks like I got rid of the flower seeds, so we'll pick some up on the way. Of course we ran late and ended up with only lettuce seeds.

Still, the Pack meeting was a big success. I talked about spring and where food comes from. Then I walked them through the composting process with our Waste Management and their Cedar Grove compost arm that made the soil blocks. Lastly I explained one small seed could feed a person a salad per week for the whole season!

Each kid got to place a seed or two in their block and take it home. What a night. Next to repeat this weekend for my own garden. 

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