Thursday, March 27, 2014

Potato page

Well my Potato page popularity strikes again. In case you weren't aware my second of four pages I created with helpful garden information got some local notoriety from the Seattle Times way back in 2009. Since then ever so often a popular site links that page to their site and I get a bump in traffic. Well it's happened again. I'd been getting about 150 hits a day since I came back. Then out of the blue it jumped to 900. Sure enough it was all Page 2. It's leveling off and soon it will be back to normal. Fun while it lasts I guess.

Anyway I'd like to give a shout out to the gardeners in Slovakia. Thanks to Google translation I could read the nice article she wrote and nice words she said about me. Thanks!

Man, typing on my phone on the bus leads to typos galore!

Lastly for this edit, I'm struggling to find a replacement handle for my pitchfork.  Internet searches all come up with the wood handle, not just the top plastic part. I'd really like a metal one if I can find one to fit.  Kind of discouraging. Anyone know where I can find one?

That's the last time I use "Lastly" because now Grit Magazine of Mother Earth News posted on Pinterist or whatever a well established link to my blog page on Tip Nut. I must thank them someday. They have always been the best referrer. Glad these folks give me credit even if Grit didn't. So much for renewing my subscription. 

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  1. Try a search for "d grip handle". Several came up. :-) Barbara in OK