Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

Well, I MAY have got rid of my virus problems on my computer. AVG (my fourth antivirus program I tired) finally found several viruses, and eventually I think I got rid of them.  Now I finally have time to post. 

Before I get into gardening, I wanted to say that I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my linking the Monsanto post to a recent one has caused a slew of new comments on that thread.  While I don't mind folks stating their opinions, including American Farmer, be nice folks.  If the petty bickering continues I'll be forced to edit some comments out.  I don't want to do that, but after seeing threads locked in other forums my wife frequents, it may be something I have to resort to... somehow.  Ok, enough of that nasty business.

Let's see, the big news in the garden over the last few days is the rain.  We've had tons of it.  I can't say it enough, thank you for Mel's Mix.  The beds are wet, but drain like a charm.  Oh, and the plants that were wilting in the heat the other day are back alive and well.  Go figure. 

I didn't do anything in the garden, gardening wise, due to the rain, but I did snap some garden pictures to share.  Things are growing like mad!  I think I mentioned in a previous post that the heat wilted my broccoli leaves?  Well look at what a little rain did to them...

Hehe, what I see in this picture aside from some monsterous broccoli leaves, is that I have some serious planting to do.  I need to get some cukes in the ground behind these so they can grow above the broccoli, and I need to plant some succession plants, mostly carrots because my son will go through what's planted in two days if I let him, hehe.

Oh, and the other wilted produce during that heat was the lettuce.  Look at it now!

I know KitsapFG is going to say I need to harvest it. I know, hehe.  If I think about it tomorrow morning I'll make a salad for lunch.  

Speaking of huge leaves...

That spinach could be used as an umbrella (and is for those carrots, so they'll be the first to go into tomorrow's salad!

And with that lunch or dinner I had better have some radishes.  They've grown quite a bit in a short period of time.

While I was out there I had to shap a shot of the potato sprouts that came up.  In almost every square I have one or more sprout.  I wondered if I would get multiple sprouts from those monster tentacles.

The rest of the garden tour is made up of my tomatoes.  First I wanted to show how not all tomatoes planted at an angle will immediately make a 45 degree turn and head straight up toward the sun.  Look at these poor souls.

They're growing strong but not up. So I added back the tomato cages that I removed after that wind storm we had a while back.  Then I forced them inside the cages so hopefully they'll grow up instead of out.  Sheesh, do I have to hold their hands or what? hehe.

And last, but certainly not least, the culmination of my garden tour.  Remember the potato leaf Bloody Butcher that was doing so well in the 2 quart pot but didn't like being transplanted into the SWC?  Remember the cluster of flowers that wilted over and looked dead, while the new growth shot up?  Well, I was pleasently surprised today to find...

A handful of baby tomatoes!  Gotta love that.  Those dying flowers actually produced. Yay!

I sure hope you enjoy your garden half as much as I do mine!


  1. Things are looking up in the Sinfonian garden patch! Congratulations on the cluster of baby tomatoes - very cool!

    You know I have to say it... I just do....

    harvest those greens!

  2. Go tomatoes, go! I have flowers, but no fruit yet. Of course, I didn't get out in daylight yesterday, it was pouring too hard! I just ran out for some lettuce then back in FAST.

    In my opinion (YMMV, I'm guess I'm pretty thick-skinned), the recent responder's comments on the Monsanto thread after the couple pro-big agri comments struck me as mostly positive, constructive personal observations. The locked threads I've seen on other forums are FAR more virulent, with swearing, unrelated personal attacks, spite for spite's sake and nasty name-calling. I think that the regular posters here are a group of positve folks passionate about making personal choices to change thier corners of the world for the better. I've enjoyed reading thier experiences and points of view. :)

    Ooh, actual sunlight in my window! Maybe I'll be able to get out and see the rest of the garden tonight.

  3. It all looks fantastic!

  4. Nice tour Rich, things are really starting to grow fast. It is great to see all those tomatoes, I just have the one fruit so far. I'd kill for multi set tomatoes :-)

  5. Wow... Sinfonian, your garden looks so good! I could almost taste that spinach it looks so good! And tomatoes... so very jealous.... ; )

  6. Wow Rich! It's time for you to do some harvesting there! Ah, I miss my lettuce so much already LOL.... and it's too hot to grow radishes anymore...

    That's great about your tomato plant/baby tomatoes! Cool!