Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009

Well, with more family in town (more of my wife's family, mine's all within a 5 mile radius), not a lot of gardening going on, though I hope tomorrow to get out for a bit.  I'm sure I need to water, since I haven't removed the hoop covers yet.  The wind has been a pain, but otherwise it's been dry and relatively sunny.  No pictures to show since I haven't spent much time in the garden, but trust me that the tomatoes seem to be turning the corner, literally.  They've started their 45 degree bend and are now climbing vertically again after being planted at an angle. 

What I wanted to share is that we finally ate a salad from our garden.  After robbing from the outside of many plants, you can hardly tell, which is a good sign.  I didn't give them a haircut, but rather cut individual leaves from the stalk.

We had the great grandparents of our kids over for dinner and made my wife's patented baked-potato soup!No, unfortunately not with home grown potatoes, drat.  Actually, none of the main course came from our garden since I yanked the green onions out and haven't planted any yet (to-do list item).  The salad however, was amazing!  Too bad I had to spend $2 on three small tomatoes that were a bit squishy.  Come on tomatoes!

Otherwise I spent a great day off today taking the kids to their preschool classes.  It was fun.  I'd never been to the youngest's class, and this the second of the oldests classes.  Good thing I went since the eldest will be "graduating" to kindergarden in a few weeks, hehe.  It was fun.  I spent the entire class manning the sensory table, which is a waist high bin filled with flax seed, a bunch of random containers and funnels.  Flax seed is very cool feeling.  The oil inside makes it almost slippery. 

Anyway, it's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd give you an update.  Enjoy your garden this weekend!


  1. I just registered my eldest for kindergarten was so sureal.

  2. The is nothing quite so nice as the onset of garden salad season. Happy Spring!

  3. I was starting to wonder if you were going to harvest any of your lettuces! ;)

    Nice that you were able to share it with your company too. You have worked hard on your garden and it is fun to be able to share the produce with others - especially in the form of a good meal.

  4. Good to hear the greens are being foraged. I've been eating a lot of straight greens with a little dressing which is getting a little boring. Radish will be ready any day now so that should spice things up a bit.

  5. Oh hey! You got lettuce? I wish mine were a little bigger. I'm dyin' for a salad down here. The radishes are the only thing I can harvest yet.
    My only baby will start preschool this fall - so crazy! How do they grow up so fast?