Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

Not much in the way of garden topics tonight.  First off, I wanted to let you know to check out my new page, 4) Hoop Covers.  I've been toying with the page for a year or two, and just decided to finish it, especially since I came to the realization the hoops could be used to tractor my chickens in the beds in Fall.  Also, I just realized that this theme does not allow comments on pages.  I've got hundreds of posts nobody can see because the theme won't allow it.  Grrr

Next, I wanted to apologize if you got yet another message that the site's been suspended.  I've tried to contact the site owner, without success.  Since I don't own the site, or pay for it, I have no say.  My wife thinks I should switch to Google, but I see a few problems with that.  I don't have a clue if or how I could save all my posts and transfer them over.  If I couldn't transfer my blog in its entirety, I wouldn't want to move.  Second, I would likely lose all the traffic I get here, which used to be formidable... And a distant last would be learning a whole new set-up.  Ah well, something to think about.

About the only garden activities I've had of late are the occasional sprouting of tomatoes, which go up to the light system.  Boy are these taking a long time to germinate.  One of the latest to germinate was one of the new varieties.  I am worried because it germinated right at the edge of the cup, not in the middle where I planted it.  I'm afraid it won't root well right near the edge and I'll lose it.  I may pot that one up sooner to give it more dirt on that side. 

I also got from my folks a few of their pill bottles so I can try my hand at building a new soil block maker.  Mine works fine, but I kind of wanted the taller one. I get so many stubby soil blocks that I wanted them to start taller.  Just what I need, more projects!  EG I'm not!

On the chicken front, I've finished Chickens for Dummies and am still bumping around Backyard (see sidebar).  In my research, I'm now concerned that the 4x8 ark I'm planning will be too small for 4 chickens.  At 32 SF, that'll hold a maximum of 3 birds, not 4.  I don't want to make it bigger as it would become awkward to move around daily, especially if I wanted to lift it over the fence to have them hang out in the front yard for a change.

Lastly, my wife's Facebook friend has started a blog.  She's a chef and it's mostly a gardening/self sufficiency blog.  And where I got a boost in 2009 from the Seattle Times, she just got one from CNN... in other words, I'm not in her league.  Hehe.

Well, there are several random thoughts, but that's how my mind's going today.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Sounds like you might need to go with 3 chickens? Is there anyway that you can spin off your Word Press account from the other one? i.e. make a clean break in administration/ownership so that you have more control over the account? I totally understand about the desire not to lose history and have traffic rerouted from the old site. I really like Word Press. In fact, if I were to change hosting services I would go to Word Press. I like though and have no intention of moving.

  2. Looks like I can successfully migrate all my info to Blogspot for free, but would folks follow? Maybe not. Maybe I'd keep the site up for the folks that want my potato page. I still get hundreds of visits there. Worth considering.

    As for the chickens, I really want 4, though if one didn't make it, I'd be ok with 3. I wonder how expensive 2x2 10 footers are? Making it 10 feet long would just give me 40 SF which is minimum for 4 birds. Hmm?

  3. I checked out the link you sent me, and it's really quite easy to do. It's done the same way my coldframe opener works, except that guy's schematic is incorrect - and mine is right. :-)
    Anyway, his works by applying power to the receptacle which has the phone cahrger plugged in it - by another means that powers up the lights when needed. The led, diode, and resistor are just for indication purposes - and not needed in my opinion.
    The system you build will be dependent upon what voltage drill you have, and I can certainly help you with it....

  4. Just checking in to the new site! It looks like you were able to successfull move the blog over and I really like the new theming too.


    Check out Ashley and TJ's coop, theres is 10 feet long. We made the 8 foot version and it can be a bit heavy for my wife, but you can raise the ladder and take off the roof/sides to reduce the weight and the chickens will walk with you below.

  6. Mine will be either 8 or 10 feet, depending on the availabiltiy of the materials. I've looked at that site many times, and mine will be similar in shape, but only covered on one part permanently. A tarp can be used for the rainy season. Not sure I'll have a ladder for my single nesting box, but if I did, it'd be held off the ground for moving.