Friday, February 18, 2011

February 17, 2011

Well, as you can see, I've successfully migrated just about everything over to the new blog site.  I say almost because I have hundreds of comments that were left on my pages that didn't transfer over.  I believe this is because they were hidden on my word press blog due to the theme I was using. 

I'm not sure which blog site I will use going forward, but I wanted to try this one out, so I'm posting here tonight.  I won't go into all the factors I'm weighing, but so far, I'm leaning toward my old site, mainly because I still get hundreds of hits on my potato page that I wouldn't get here.  However, the working spell check is a HUGE bonus here (you know I'm a bad speller if you've read my other blog).

OK, enough about my blog woes, you came here for garden stuff.  All that I can say is I'm having germination issues.  Several of my tomato seeds have failed to germinate, or they're taking their own sweet time.  That said, one of the three mustard seeds I planted has germinated already, which is lightening quick.  I'm pretty certain it's not an old seed left over from the previous failed germination, because it's a little 4-leaf clover and nothing I planted starts that way.  So now one more plant's made the journey upstairs into the light room, where today I added the fan to give it some pseudo-wind to deal with.  Spring is coming along nicely in this house!

Lastly, my brother got let go from his work the other day, so he's up in the air about getting chickens.  I've been out of work so long I just have to go with it, but if he won't, I'm not sure I'd do it solo.  So, maybe chickens will be next year.  I sure hope not.

Enjoy your garden and thanks for following my blog!

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