Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

Boy, I've been so busy lately I can't imagine having time to work.  I guess it's been more that we haven't had nice days like this in a very long time.  In fact, I heard we hadn't had a temperature over 70 since November 3, 2010. No wonder even my cool weather crops are languishing.  So here is another chicken post. They unfortunately are growing like weeds!  Take a look.

I think I should give my alpha her due, so here's Summer, staying still for her close-up.

 And now to show off her gorgeous coloring, here is her lovely feathering...

Even though she's closer to the bottom of the pecking order, Twinkydink definitely daddy's girl. She'll come right up to me and let me grab her under the breast, no problem, and will sit in my arms for about as long as I want her to.  She's also my favorite for her coloring.

 My next most docile would be Dot, my Wyndotte.  She may very well grow into my favorite coloring if she gets that rare green sheen to her like some of her breed get.  For now she's still up their with her golden flecks in those dark feathers.  Pretty huh?

 Last and certainly least, Buffy the Butthead, and no I don't use that name around the kids, but boy is she annoying.  Not only does she hate me and run away from me every chance she gets, but she's taken to picking on the rest of her sisters.  What a bully!  Pretty though.

Don't think she looks ornery in that picture, take a look at these! My wife kept trying to get a good shot of her but she kept on squirming. 

I finally had to hold her tight to keep her from flying away or clawing me.  She's actually showing some signs of being a he, and if that's the case, I won't feel bad at all about getting rid of him.  S(he)'s a jerk!

Well, that's it for our individual shots, now here's a group photo of the girls cleaning up their mess they spilled  while I refill their food tray. They definitely pick through it to get the tasty seeds and leave the powdery mash alone.  I've taken to just topping it off rather thank dumping it.  Saves money that way.

To end, I will share another video that was taken a week ago.  Shame on me not posting this sooner.  Sorry folks. I will try to be more vigilant.



  1. They've gotten SO big! Nice to get to see them growing up along the way! You definitely have a pretty little bunch there!

  2. I think my wife would leave me if I said anything about raising chickens! She barely tolerates my obsessive seed buying. Maye when we move to farm she'll lighten up. Actually considered moving to northwest (Oregon, northern California areas) but with the spring you've been having, that gives her another reason to say no. See a pattern between us?!? Birds look good though!

  3. Your chickens are getting so big!! I LOVE the looks of your barred rock, what lovely markings.

  4. They are certainly growing and getting very pretty! My favorite in my flock is one of the low girls on the pecking order too - she loves to be held by me and is really tame and sweet.

  5. we have a welsummer and a cuckoo maran and buff orp and silver laced instead of a golden laced - funny! And I think, even though our welsummer is a week younger than the rest of mine, that she is also the alpha. They are smart!

    Your buff - have you tried feeding her/him mealworms out of your hand? that's how I warmed up my shy girls to being hand held. my buff orp is the more like your maran, very cuddly. I hope you can get through to her - unless of course, she's really a he!

  6. Quite a mix, neat that they are all different. Any that make those green shelled eggs?

  7. Thanks all, they've all got quite different personalities!

    As for the eggs, they'll all be brown. Americaunas give a shade of blue, but they're smaller eggs, so we didn't get one (it was up there though). It is very rare to find one that gives green eggs, except in Dr. Seuss books of course! ROFL.