Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

Well tomorrow's Earth Day, and I'm not ready.  The weather's been so cold here that I haven't even taken my seedlings for a walk yet.  They're currently overgrown up in the light room, but it's all I can do to let them grow AROUND my lights. I need them out of there so bad!

My tomatoes are so big, they don't need staking as much as they need tomato cages already! I am dreading moving them once, let alone taking them in and out of the garage every day for a week!  Actually, I guess after I finish this post, I'll brave moving them to the garage for the evening as the lights will be just about turning off by then.  Then tomorrow's supposed to be fairly nice, so I'll put them under the eves in the garden area, fairly well protected from wind and rain. 

I'm beginning to wonder if starting them the first of the year was such a good idea?  I guess if Mother Nature had cooperated and had any sort of Spring this year, I could have planted them out early and been done with it, but we've had hail, wind, freezing rain and nighttime temps as low as 27 degrees.  I call that an extension of Winter rather than Spring. /sigh

I guess I've been hiding out and hiding behind my sick wife as I do everything to take care of the kids and her. I haven't even taken any pictures. I promise I will as I move out the seedlings for the first time, and everything else that happens tomorrow.

Yes, I promise tomorrow will be a productive day.  I have called all parties and intend to start the coop construction process! I even hope finally get the girls out of that tiny brooder and into some larger digs.

Hope you are staying warm and are enjoying your garden!


  1. So sorry to hear that your wife is not feeling well, hope she feels better soon. Hope it warms up for you, we woke up to over an inch of snow this morning...brr. I didn't realize you were having such cold weather in the Seattle area, sounds like you are experiencing the same conditions we are...lets hope La Nina goes away soon. I look forward to seeing your chicken coop.

  2. I go the other route on starting tomatoes. I only give them four weeks to grow before being planted. But now they aren't germinating as well as usual so they are going to be late.

  3. Get well soon, Mrs. Sinfonian! Rich is going to need help carrying those 500 pound tomato plants in and out of the garage ;-)

  4. The tomatoes will appreciate getting some sunshine and fresh air. And yes, the older (taller) plants can be a bit of a pain to handle, but you will be much farther along when the spring weather finally arrives.

    Hope your wife is on the mend soon. The flu bug that has been going around has been down right vicious this year. It ran through my entire department in just a few days time and really took people down hard.

  5. I hope your household is back to being healthy again. Hopefully the weather will calm down a bit so you can begin hardening off those tomato plants.

    I hope the coop construction is going smoothly and I can't wait to see the end results.