Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Man, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I have no idea what I should talk about, so many little things have been going on, each could result in a short post that I should have made if I had been thinking about it instead of watching for comments. Hehe.

I guess this will be a chicken post and tomorrow I'll throw together a garden one.

First off, I just realized I've taken a few videos of the girls and hadn't posted them here.  Shame on me.  I figure to get them both in, I'll use the old ruse of "Look how much they've grown!"... think it will work on you?  Well, here's one of the first three chicks on the second day.

And now for the second video taken a few days ago. My how they've grown!

Now that that's done, I can move on to more trivia about my birds.  The first bit I'm happy to say is that Summer (our Welsummer) lost her outtie belly button yesterday. I was cleaning the brooder and she was sitting on her roost, showing me her tail, and presto, it was gone.  I'm very happy about this as the risk of a pecking accident that could result in an infection was high.  Now it's gone and she can be safe around the little brute of a Buff Orpington.  Anyway, here is a picture I took with my phone while she was being cooperative for a change.  She still likes to jump from heights.

To show them in their new digs, with a configuration of the brooder that still is in effect today, here are the girls in their freshly de-papered home.  Funny that they must have gotten their dust baths out of their system in the transfer brooder, because they really haven't tossed the pine shavings all over their brooder.

Speaking of the transfer brooder, it's much shorter than the regular one.  So much shorter, that Summer can see over the side when she jumps, trying to get to her flock.  Note to self, don't move her first, but second so she has company.  Maybe she remembers her day of isolation in that bin.  She really hated that.

The next shot below is one I took zoomed in from outside the bathroom.  I rarely get to see them sleeping because they jump up and hide when they see me. Notice how Summer is on the roost with her #2 while the others are lower? Classic pecking order stuff.  Fascinating!  Oh, I don't worry about Buffy the baby Buff Orpington being lower than the Barred Rock, she probably was cold so wanted to sleep under the heat lamp, while the others want to sleep as far from it as possible. 

I've since raised the heat lamp a bit early.  I figure Buffy can sleep on the corner of the roost under the light if she's cold.  The others had their mouths open (panting) a bit much for my liking.  Yet another reason not to get chicks too far apart in age.

The last picture is my failed attempt at showing them standing straight up.  They are getting so tall when they want to extend their necks up!

So, we've got names for three of them, and having kids that are 7 and 4, none of the names are profound... The Welsummer is Summer; the Buff Orpington is Buffy; and the Golden Laced Wyndotte is Dot, though Jinny says it's short for Dorothy.  My eldest is trying to name the Barred Rock, though he's only come up with Shamrock so far... we're hoping for something different. Hehe.

Oh yeah, lastly, I posted these questions on BYC, but in case any chicken owners have thoughts out there, I'm all ears.
What kind of pooper scooper do you use with shavings?

I recently took them off paper towels and have them just on pine shavings.  The trouble is, I don't want to dump all the pine shavings every day.  Do you folks simply use a litter box scoop like for cats? 

I've heard folks say they use one designed for reptiles, not sure what one of those is or where to get one?  I can see having the ability to attach a long handle to reach into the coop later, but for now, something short will do.

This morning I just cleaned off the board they use as a step ladder to peck down into the feed tray and to drink from (need to find a good scraper for that too). 

Seems I've got a bunch of supply questions.  What do you folks suggest that works for you?



  1. Chicks are always so darling. How can anyone tear themselves away from them for very long?

    We did not change the box every day with the shavings, and I used a plastic paint scraper tool to scrape off boards or other items that had a schmear on it.

  2. Wow, they are growing so fast!

  3. They are so cute!! I'm watching your chicken adventures and keeping notes...still hoping that DH can be convinced that chickens would be a good thing :)