Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008

I come home and my 19 month old has added tons of new words and phrases to his vocabulary, and I've only been gone less than a week, including a darn good impersonation of Arnold doing "I'll be back"...

I must say, everything IS bigger in Texas, well at least the hotel was, it could fit a small city inside it, and I've been to some big hotels before.  Unfortunately I didn't get my Texas sized steak.  I'm still bumed about that.

As I just got home and it was already dark, I haven't seen my garden, but I guess it looks the same as when I left.  I left the seedlings out all week hoping they'd survive some minor frosts and limited rain, but I'm still not holding out hope.  Even less since my wife told me it DIDN'T rain like it was forecast to this week.  In fact, my beds haven't had rain. Drat.  I may have to see if my hose will reach.

I'm not sure what my wife has planned for this weekend, but if the weather's ok, I'd like to get my potato bins set up and ready for planting as soon as I get the seed potatoes.  Of course that's assuming you don't need to leave them out to sprout or anything.  /shrug

Oh yeah, right before I left for the airport, I posted pics of fungus that's been growing the trees in my yard for several years, including my pear and plum trees.  I got several replies while I was gone and the verdict seems to be that the fungus is not a problem and only says that we've got good air quality here.  If I want to get rid of it, just add polution.  No thanks, duh.  Good to know, though I am stumped now what's causing the lower branches of my fruit trees to die if it's not the fungus?

Finally, according to my brother, Costco has gardening stuff out now, so they've got landscape fabric if you need it and also blueberry bushes for sale.  I don't have any more room in my yard for more so I'm passing, but stop by your local store if you want any.

Well I'm exhausted from a very long week with not enough sleep.  I'm going to spend some time with the Mrs. and hit the hay.  Enjoy your garden this weekend!

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