Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 15, 2008

I don't normally write posts before work, but I just checked the weather report for Sunday and Monday.  Though it could change at a moment's notice, the prediction is for partly cloudy and highs in the mid 50s.  Excellent news!  I'll have a lot more help (the non grouchy kind) if the weather holds.  There's even good weather expected for my son's party!  We're good all around.  Now to take the seedlings out for their walk.  Have a good day all!

Boy did Seattle weather scare me today.  I had forgotten that today was a 60% chance of rain. On the way home we were hit by a fair amount, and it has lasted most of the night.  First thing I did when I got home as check the weather and it is still supposed to hold for tomorrow and the next day.  Sunday's the day if weather holds.  Saturday's completely booked up until the evening. 

On a garden note, the more I look into Winter Sowing (thanks to Alberta), the more I want to give it a try.  Although I could still do it this year, I'm really close to getting dirt and starting many of my veggies in a few weeks anyway, so what's the point?

 I just rechecked my math (never was my strongest suit despite the 4 on the calculus AP test in high school), you use it or lose it.  I need 13 bags of vermiculite and 7 bales of peat moss, which should come to $300 even with tax. Add $60 to that for the compost and we're talking $360 for "dirt" which is a far cry from the $750 I initially thought.

Well early to bed so I can get up and go get vermiculite and peat moss, then make it back to take my youngest to music class, then go get plates and balloons for my eldest's B-Day party, then go to the play time and party, then go to dinner with the inlaws before they head out to NY for a week.  Finally, get the plywood for running the wheelbarrow over the gravel before I crash and wake up to dirt. 

Busy weekend, but fun! Hope yours is spent enjoying the weather and maybe even working on your garden.

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