Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 26, 2008

Sandrine, this one's for you...

Well, it's been a few days since my last post. Not because I'd ever dream of abandoning my blog. That won't happen while I have a garden and some seeds to plant in it.  No, it's because I've been working 10 hour days (12 with commute time), and I still haven't seen the light of day at home during the week.  That makes it tough to garden.  Oh I can't wait for daylight savings in a few weeks.  Hehe, I've never thought that before, but I plan on doing my gardening in the morning before work.

In fact, I had my wife take some pictures of the blackberry bushes so I could see if anyone had advice for pruning them for maximum productivity.  The reason for this is I'm on my last jar of blackberry jelly and I need it to last the whole year. hehe  I'll find the answers and report back.

The blackberry bushes aren't exactly in my yard.  I think of them in the "back 40" because they're just outside my backyard fence in the city's wetland buffer between houses and the park.  Years ago there was a path between the park and my backyard, mainly for the 4 boys that grew up here before we bought the place from the empty nesters that bought the house originally and greatly expanded it (very poorly I have to add, nothing's square/plum/level).  We had a pad lock on the gate to keep the high schoolers from partying back there and taking a short cut to the street through our yard.  Luckily Mother Nature helped us out by overgrowing the area with blackberry bushes making it impassable.  Now there's no lock and we go out there every year and harvest buckets and buckets of blackberries.  All I have to do is hack them back to not overgrow my fence and yard.  They would in a single season if I let them. 

So I want to learn to prune them so as to not waste all the fruit that's in the middle and on top that I can't reach.  Hopefully there's a way to do it so we get a bigger harvest this year because my whole family loves blackberry jelly.

Wow, I just checked Judy's blog.  She really went to town with the posting and the picture taking.  She's got an amazing garden already.  Me, I've got dirt.  Hopefully I'll be able to plant something this weekend.  The SFG book says several of my veggies can be direct sowed 4 weeks B4LSF (before the last spring frost).  I'm all set up with my beds ready and my potato bins ready.  Now I just need time and seeds.  I'll call Territorial tomorrow and see if they can't send my potatoes now and if we have good weather this weekend I'll take my 4 year old out and we'll plant.  The picures will be so cute!

Well, it's late for this early riser of a night-owl, so I'm going to hit the sack.  If I remember all I was going to post I'll do it tomorrow.  Happy gardening!

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