Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 5, 2008

Well, well, well.  It seems patience really IS rewarded, at least where my onions are concenred.  I planted them in straight vermiculite on 1/29/08 and where my broccoli and cauliflower sprouted in a few days, I had just about given up on my onions and lettuce.  I hadn't even looked on the top of the fridge today.  It wasn't until I was making dinner that I saw just over the edge of the cool whip container a tip of green.  Sure enough, my son and I found three little spouts out of 16 to 20 (it's been so long I can't remember).  It just goes to show, a watched cool whip container never boils, or something like that.

(Sorry if the picture's blurry.  My wife's out and her cameraphone autofocuses at 2mp and mine sucks at 1.3mp with no focus. Oh, and the sprouts are TINY.) 

So now they're sitting on a very crowded window sill in my sons' room.  One major concept that all my advice had in common was that AS SOON as you see any sprout, move them to full sun.  I have no idea what I'll do when (if) the lettuce sprouts.  I guess I'll have to clear their dresser and open the shade more.


Out of all my seedlings, the cauliflower is doing the best (maybe it's a tad "leggy").  Some of the broccoli looks a bit anemic.  If it doesn't perk up I may just consolidate the best growers and dump the rest.  Or maybe I'll plant them all and see if they grow.

Another comment on my re-potted seedlings.  Despite using extra vermiculite in my Mel's potting mix, the top of the soil is looking a tad dry.  I don't want to overwater, but I don't want them too dry either.  Such is the art of indoor seeding in specific and I'd guess, gardening in general.

Finally, I got an email from Territorial Seeds today saying, among other things, that they are nearly ready to ship potatoes.  I must have picked good varieties because they featured both the Yukon Golds and the Buttes (had to get them because they're bakers and my Mom's family is from Butte MT).  Tomorrow I'll call them and ask their thoughts on planting 4 weeks B4 the Last Spring Frost (LSF), and if 1 lb. of each variety will be enough for my 30x30 beds at 6 inch spacing?  Also, while I have them, I'll ask if Early Girl and Momoato tomatoes compliment each other for continuous harvest throughout the growing season.  I figure since they cater to folks west of the Cascade mountains, they'll have good information for me.  I was going to call today but time slipped away from me at work.

Tomorrow's hump day, and one day closer to DIRT!

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