Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

Well, how am I doing so far at working less hours and blogging more? Not so good is the obvious answer.  I'm really hoping after tomorrow's deadline hits my days will get much more managable.  Otherwise, my garden is not going to be the only thing in trouble, hehe.

I haven't much to report on my garden, I haven't seen it since the weekend.  I just haven't gone out with a flashlight to check, much less harvest anything.  I bet DoubleD is shaking her head over me already. 

One thing I can share is that the weather's changing.  For a month or so now we've been having unseasonably warm weather.  It's been in the mid 50s up until 10 pm most nights, even if it rained.  Now, when I got home from work at 6:30 I could see my breathe.  I have a strong feeling I'll be happy I didn't take down my hoop covers.  Because despite the experiment that showed there's no temperature difference, I'm convinced it does something beneficial.  Maybe it's what I've read in my Four Season Harvest book that said the cold wind is more damaging to plants than a frost.  Who knows.

Tomorrow's watering day, so hopefully I'll get out and harvest some.  It's a goal anyway.  Tough to have PB&J (with yummy home made plum jelly) and salad, hehe.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. EG is shaking his head, too! lol. I tend to my garden, no matter what the circumstances are. Maybe your work schedule will let up a bit....But, that's no excuse...hee hee


  2. Sinfonian, I hope things let up for you soon, so you can enjoy that winter garden. Be thankful your busy time is now, when the garden doesn't need as much attention as during the regular growing season.

    I promise I'll sit in my rocking chair in the warm sun today and pretend to be you for a while...just close your eyes and I'll send you those warm, relaxing vibes.

    OK, that was mean ;-)


  3. While you are out watering tomorrow... cut yourself some spinach for dinner as well! :D

    The garden will wait for you. Hopefully the deadline will be met and you can come back down to more normal hours and start enjoying the homestead more. In the meantime though, this is not the high growing season and everything will wait for your return.