Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6, 2008

Wow, I think I've worked more than I've done everything else over the last several days.  Insane.  And the truely sad part is it isn't getting any better anytime soon.  At least tomorrow I've decided when I get back from Spokane at 5pm I'm going home.  I've GOT to get some real rest before working all weekend at my folks houses, helping them move. 

So, tonight, getting home after 14 hours of work, I went out to visit the garden with a flashlight.  I needed to water.  Ironic that I needed to water in a flash flood rain storm.  With the hoop covers up, my plants could easily die without water in the pouring rain.  The odd part is that the weather's not been particularly cold since I put them up.  Well, we did have one or two cold nights, but the rest of this time has had lows in the 40s.  That, and I know my Mel's Mix could handle even the worst down pours.  Instead I used potable water to give my veggies a drink. 

The cool part is that it looked that my plants have grown since last week.  At least by the light of a flashlight they looked bigger.  I may even try to convince my wife to make me a salad some night when I leave work.  Maybe. 

On a separate note, my wife picked up my book from the library.  So I'm about to start Four Season Harvest.  I was thinking, if I learn great things out of it on a regular basis, maybe I'll comment on them here, providing fodder for my blog.  How does that sound?  Just a thought.

Enjoy your garden and start bailing...


  1. I'd love to see you comment on things from the book on your blog. It's how all of us become better gardeners, by sharing information......


  2. Enjoy the read - it is a dogeared book in my library (along with a couple others). Would be fun to discuss some of the suggestions/ideas he presents in the book.

  3. I, too, think it would be fun to discuss some of the concepts in the book. It's a good one. Enjoy.