Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008

Boy, how time flies.  I could have sworn I posted today.  I mean I took pictures of my garden, uploaded them to my file service and everything.  Silly me.  I left out a little thing like writing a post and linking the pics.  Oops.

So, yet another crisp, beautiful fall day came and went.  I could have spent more time in the garden, but fall gardens don't take that kind of time.  I could have mowed the leaves again, but my kids wanted to play instead.  And then there was the obligatory moving.  And to make matters worse, we spent a good portion of the time debating what us kids want to do to get the house ready to sell and what our folks want to do.  Hehe.

But today was my day to water, so that means I got pics since it wasn't dark like Wednesdays.  Come to think of it, I'd love to share different pics, but there is only so much I'm growing and what I am isn't growing very fast in this cold weather.  So sorry if these look very similar to last week's.

For grins, let's start with bed #3.  Not sure why, but the middle cauliflower is head and shoulders above the others.  And that one was the most damaged by whatever was eating them as seedlings.  It's funny that you can still see the whole-riddled leaves at the bottom with the bold majestic ones above it.  Maybe it's because the root structure is so unencumbered in the middle and the ones on the side are somehow impacted by the sides of the bed.  See...

Anyway, moving to bed #2, the radishes are getting big, maybe too big, and the spinach is in dire need of being harvested.  But the peas are still going slowly.  Gotta plant them earlier next year.

Today I didn't bother to "harvest" the mushrooms.  They multiply faster than anything else growing in there so who am I to argue.  No, actually I realize I need to dig down and get the crown or whatever out so they don't re-grow.  Another time perhaps.

Now for bed #1.  The carrots are doing great.  That's excellent news as my son continues to harvest his own snacks regularly.  I guess as long as we don't try to make a meal out of the, he'll be able to do that for quite some time.

This pic is probably the worst of the bunch because the carrots haven't grown in a while.  Especially the succession planting on the right.  I'm worried about them.  I know I've since read that when it gets cold, carrots make more sugars, but they stop growing.  I sure hope the good weather and hoop covers help them to mature.  Crossing fingers...

So, the lettuce.  As you can see it's ready to harvest. 

I almost harvested a bunch of lettuce and spinach to make a salad to take to the preschool potluck today.  If it weren't for the fact that we were already bringing a lasagna and chips and dip, I would have.  Of course there was already two salads there.  But it would have given me incentive to put a salald together.  Notice the Salad Bowl on the left.  It's looking very ready to harvest.  Kinda like the spinach.  Of course the Italianshier and the Red Sails (never buying it again, grrr Monsanto) only get better as they get bigger.  Not so with the Salad Bowl.  I'm worried that I pick it and it won't grow back for a month.  I guess I'll just have to live with it.

Enjoy your garden.

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