Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17, 2009

Wow, gotta love viral sites.  I think there are a half dozen of them out there that kind folks have shared my potato bin page on.  It's insane.  The traffic keeps building.  Of course, none of them will see this post as few venture beyond the confines of that one page.  Too bad, all my bad jokes are missed out on.  Well, at least the few hundred regulars will read them, and you're who count.

Let's see, since I last posted, the weather's turned for the better. It was in the low 60s today and the mid 50s yesterday, but the big news is that it's going to be a high of 70 sometime this weekend.  Ah, I can just smell the to-do list.  Unfortunately, I should take bets that I won't get to any of it.  I'm needed both days over at the folks house working on getting it on the market by early June. /sigh.

Still, for grins, I'll come up with some things that really need to get done.

  • Plant out my tomatoes into their SWCs.  This chore has been calling me ever since we hit April 15 and my new bins were constructed.  Speaking of tomatoes, you think they need to be planted out?

Notice the one the square pot, it's outgrown my light system.  I can't raise the lights any further and it is bent over, not just touching the lights.  And I swear this plant grew at least two inches in one day.  The night before it fit under the lights with an inch to spare. Then after one day outside it grew two inches!

  • Mow the lawn.  My neighbors have well trimmed yards and right now, mine is bad.  If I wait until next weekend, it will be too tough to mow easily.  This is a must somehow.

  • Plant more seeds.  I know I need to plant some yukon gold potatoes in bed #4, some carrots in the triangular section of bed #2 and direct seed some cukes and green onions.  I'm not sure the cukes I planted in my formerly frozen soil blocks will work.  About the only thing growing on them is that spider-web fungus.  It's insane, look...

  • I really should add to the compost and turn it, especially if I get around to mowing the lawn.  I have been saving all the napkins etc. that I can to get enough browns to offset the grass clippings.  I may need to break down and shred some bills, hehe.

  • Lastly, my bathroom sink is draining really slow.  I may need to do some significant plumbing repairs.  Let's hope that doesn't jump to the forefront. I have no time to spend on a major plumbing project, hehe.  Ah, the joy's of home ownership.

Well, that's about it for me, short post for tonight.  It's a beautiful evening and I would love to take my 2 year old for a walk.  His older brother is having his first sleep over at some friends' house.

Enjoy the spring weather and enjoy your garden!


Well, I took a few hours to copy all my potato bin photos to Flickr.  Although it took forever to figure out how to link them to my page, I finally did it.  Boy is Photobucket easier to use, though it's much slower, and has 1/4th the bandwidth.  I think I'll be good for bandwidth from now on out, though I should really transfer over my other two pages, as they're getting quite a few hits also.  Either way, you shouldn't have any disruptions now. 

Oh, the reason I changed?  Well, I'm 3 days into my month and 53% of the bandwidth is used up on Photobucket... these viral sites are doing more for traffic than the Times article did!  Hehe.


  1. Yeah, i'd say that tom is anxious to get out of there. I'll show some pics of my toms in earthtainers, if the upload feature will ever start working again.....yeah, it's not working right now, dangit.

  2. It's amazing what some time out in full sun will do for the tomatoes and pepper plants. Mine have been taking off again too. The "Stupice" and "Celebrity" are particularly HUGE and really need to go in the ground soon. I planted the "Celebrity" for my sister but there are extras and they were good producers for me last summer when nothing else was doing well - that I have decided to keep two of them for myself (the biggest ones of course! LOL!). Hoping to get a lot done myself tomorrow in the gorgeous weather - including a large round of seed starting - all the summer crops need to get under way - zuchinni, pumpkins, wintersquash, cucumbers, corn, .... hope I have enough germinating mix left?!

  3. For your photo hosting check out Google's Picasa. The Picasa software does everything, from importing, to organizing, to editing, to uploading to a web album. They give you almost a gig of storage and links are just a copy and paste away from being in your blog.

  4. Yep, I think those tomatoes are ready for their new homes LOL!

  5. Your tomatoes are huge, I bet they take off as soon as you plant them out. That is a lot of mold on the soil blocks, crazy stuff. I use flicker although I don't host many blog photos there, blogger stores them.

    Here is my flickr ulr:

    I see a lot of that stupbleapon on my analytics as well, I can never figure out what it is.

  6. I hope you made it through your to do list today. I did a lot, but I still need to build my SWCs. Since my tomatoes are a bit behind yours, I think they will be ok for another week, but I want to get them out soon!

  7. I second Google's Picasaweb and Picasa app. Their photo manipulation and hosting process is awesome when compared to flicr and photobucket. Google images load faster than those on those other services too. Not sure about bandwidth limit for Google, but I've never run into a problem with all the images I seed all over Gardenweb. Getting any kind of reference link in Picasaweb is also cake as Phillip mentioned (comes in SUPER handy if you post pics at Gardenweb alot)