Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009

Oh my, time sure flies with you're trying to fit your thousand'th thing into that extra minute you find.  I am really hoping that from now on out I can be far more attentive to my blog and my garden both.  So if you've just about given up on new posts from me, think again.  In fact, I've got enough stuff to talk about right now to fill several posts.  So that's what I'm going to do.  Won't you join me?

A lot has happened since I last posted for real.  Yeah, hard to believe right?  Well, take last week when I didn't even notice a severe wind storm that whipped through our region.  I totally spaced it.  A few days later I noticed this...

I have no idea how that got like that.  Obviously wind did it, but it would take two men and a boy to get that cover up past all the low hanging branches of the trees on either side.  In fact, it took two of us to get it back down with only minimal damage to the cover.  I would hate to lose it, it cost a pretty penny for those panels.

Then there was the garden area...

If you can't tell, that's my overwintered spinach being plastered against the plastic.  Oh and somehow the wind lifted the PVC pipe right out of it's holder.  Insane.  Finally, you can see just how far my fall pea crop got before the freezing temps killed it.  Yeah, I've got some work to do to clean up my garden.  Thankfully I have raised beds so it's quick. I'll do it when I want to plant those squares, which should be soon since I have cukes ready to go in the ground.

Lastly, when the sun finally poked it's head out of the clouds, I took the opportunity to take my seedlings for another walk.  I have GOT to get these seedlings hardened off so I can get them in the ground quick!

As you can see, my personal tomato seedlings are huge and growing out of control.  I planted them 2/8/09 and they're in dire need of being potted up.  As you know, tomato seedlings enjoy being transplanted and potted up, so I'd be doing them a favor.  Also, I'm sure you noticed the yellowing on the lower leaves.  I wonder if that means I am giving them too little water, or too much?  Or maybe the roots just don't enjoy being crammed into those 9 oz. cups. hehe. Ah well, the tops look healthy at any rate.

As this next shot shows, I went out of my way to place my seedling trays in direct sunlight, even if I had to put them in the front yard.  You see, those trees behind my car block the sun for about an hour in the morning.  It really impacts my garden, but alas, it isn't my tree so I can't cut it down just for an extra hour or two of sunlight a day, hehe.

Notice what's leaning up against the yard waste container?  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post when you find out what that wood is used for...

Enjoy your garden!

P.S. If you get Patti the GardenGirl's monthly Ezine, you'll see that I actually had two articles in it this month.  I'm really excited about what she's doing over at her site.  This is my third or fourth contribution and I'm really enjoying it.  The monthly newsletter is really putting out interesting and insightful articles.  Sign up to get the newsletter and check out the forum. It's cool all the experts she has gotten to help out on the site.


  1. I lost the cover to my cold frame. The wind just picked it up, ripped off the hinges and in flew across the yard! I started my maters beginning of March and already potted up once. I hope they don't grow too fast! Are you going to use something like Wall o Waters to get them out early or use a cloche? I think Steve Solomon recommends using a cloche up to early July, until the vines are pushing up against the plastic.

  2. Just saw your post on GW. Happy Anniversary!!

    Your winds look positively fierce! We've had a wind warning here for the last two days as well. Actually, we've been in the 60's and 70's for two to three weeks and tonight and tomorrow we're looking to get down to the mid 20's! I'm going to try to protect as much as possible. How did those magic carrot resprouts ever pan out?

  3. That is too bad about your wind storm. I hope your spinach survives. I had that happen to my tomatoes last year and they recovered nicely.

  4. Glad your back in the garden Sinfonian! The tomatoes yellowing is most likely a function of being root bound and from nutritional deficiency (in part a function of the crowded roots). I would give them a drink of fish/kelp emulsion tea to provide a shot of nutrients. A couple of tablespoons per regular sized watering can does the trick.

  5. We have been having some nasty winds lately too. I used binder clips on my hoop cover, they held up to some really strong wind. You should give them a try, I am sure you have some around your office. Your tomatoes are looking good and can't wait to see what the lumber turns into.