Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 2008

Wow, late night at the preschool.  Busy days and busy nights.  Been like that for a while.  I don't have much in the way of happenings to post today, but I can share with you a dilema and maybe even a sneek peak at my weekend to-do list.  I know, it's only Tuesday, but with last weekend being taken up by the inlaws and the Fair, I didn't get anything done at home.

So here's the problem.  My to-do list is getting massive.  I know that's not a problem unless you don't have time to do it.  You see, every year my company participates in an industry-wide volunteer effort to clean up a school or playground, etc.  It is normally a ton of hard work and I typically do yard work, which is fun.  Last year I burned 6,000 calories in 5 hours. I loved it.  I was looking forward to this year as I spent time at this place as a Boy Scout.  It can use the help if I remember it right from 20 years ago.  The event is Saturday. 

Now you're beginning to see the dilema.  But to really drive it home, you need to see my to-do list...

- Harvest the plum tree. I expect I've got 30 pounds of plums and will need to climb the tree and a ladder for hours to accomplish it.  I don't want the plums to turn to prunes or go over-ripe.  Plum jelly is riding on it.

- Harvest blackberries.  We haven't been back after the wasp incident, so I bet the berries are very ready.  It's a huge job even if I don't hack back a third this weekend.  Besides, I've decided I want to pick my neighbor's side for him this year because he's in his mid 80s and just went to the hospital in an ambulance this weekend.  He's ok, but I'd love to surprise him.  He eats berries out of his freezer all year long.

- Speaking of wasps, I still need to do something about them.  I need to get the weeds out of there to see where their nest is to kill it.  Kinda tough to do.  I need a dusk where I can dress for the occasion and rip and run.

- The potato dirt is still sitting on the tarp where I left it.  I need to mix in some coffee grounds and bag it up for use later. I really need to get the tarp off the ground to save the grass.  That'll take an hour or more to bag it all and clean the tarp off so it can be used to cover the kids outdoor toys again.  Double duty. hehe

- My compost is very neglected.  It will take about 45 minutes again to fluff and add.  Plus I really should get a cover built for the bins so the fall/winter rains don't leach the nutrients out.  Besides, my kitchen compost is full and I'm resorting to throwing it away. EEK!

- My blueberry bushes need to be planted.  I need to remove some sod, and a pesky stump before that happens.  Then I need to dig two holes and prep them for my acid loving bushes.  Peat moss and acidic fertilizer should do the trick.  That will take the better part of a morning, even if I don't get the materials to create the border.

- Harvesting my beans, tomatoes, cukes (making pickes if I have time), and cleaning up the corn bed.  See about maybe replenishing the nitrogen in it over winter, maybe with a cover crop since corn's a major hog.  Not sure.  Thoughts on 1 year old compost with corn that was fertilized twice during the season?  It would be good not to have to quite yet.  Not sure, Mel would say no, just add compost next year when I plant.

There, that about does it. The rest of my fall to-do list isn't critical yet.  Now you can really see that I'm not sure I have the time, let alone the energy to give my all from 7 to 1pm Saturday and still get all this stuff done.  It's a bad weekend for it, but folks at work are counting on me.

Grrr.  I feel like those toys when I was a kid. They were foot tall action figures made out of rubber with gel filling inside.  They stretched to double it's length and then slowly went back again.  That's kinda how my time feels right now.  Normally I can handle it, but now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe as the week progresses it all will become clear!

Enjoy your garden and let me know if you're feeling the time pinch now also...


  1. Sinfonian, I know exactly how you feel when completely overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done. After all, I've been a mother for 51 years!

  2. LOL, Granny, we're on the same wavelength, I was just thinkin', story of my life as a mom. But I met with my MA adviser yesterday ( going back for my grad degree) and she suggested I learn Japanese and publish something soon, and score high on the GRE, in order to be one of the 5 MA students picked. I think my to do list just topped yours, Sinfonian...;)

  3. Your to do list reminds me of all the half finished reno's I have left to do, probably about 4 months of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Oh the holes we dig are selves.

    I always like this time of year in the garden though, it is a furry of work and then a long rest over the late fall & winter.

    I posted the first relish recipe today for the green one, I will follow up with the amber relish, dill pickles and possible bread & butter pickles if I get to them. Just thought I would let you know.

    Good luck with your to do's.

  4. This is the time of year where my work commitments and garden nees - tend to majorly conflict.

    Couple of suggestions/ideas:

    Do one thing each evening after work/dinner - choose the simpler items and things that can be done by yard light or afterdark. Things like the potato dirt move, fluffing the compost, etc are not huge time consumers and seem to lend themselves well to a quick pop out after dinner to get it attended to.

    Second, I am assuming that the volunteer work day is for one day? If so, your might consider cancelling all other commitments for the other weekend day - and just steadily work through your remaining list and recruit some help from your family.

    And, if those don't work - prioritize the items (like the plums and blackberries) that absolutely cannot be put off - and then let the rest go until next weekend when you have more time. :)