Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008

Well, I got out in the garden after work again. In fact, the kids were outside when I got home.  I must say I didn't do a whole lot, mostly puttered.  Theraputic. 

Only two of the last batch of peas sprouted so I took a cue from Rebekah and soaked some more peas.  After an hour I just planted them haphazardly in the in the squares that I had one or two seedlings in the hopes that something grows.  It's reminding me of the bush bean incident all over again. You'd think that area of my garden is dead or something, but once they get going they grow fine. 

The reason I'm so adamant about these squares is that they're in the middle of the bed.  The planned trellis configuration will focus all the growth to the middle so it fits under the hoop cover.  At least that's the plan, if I can get these seeds to grow.

After planting I sprinkled some of my doctored 5-10-10 veggie fertilizer with bloodmeal over it and watered it in.  Maybe it's just me but I think the lettuce I fertilized yesterday looks perkier, and so does the cantaloupe!  It's probably just wishful thinking. 

Finally I watered and checked on my next harvest.  My cukes are going gangbusters. I swear I've got 2 more jumbo slicers and a half dozen pickling cucumbers that are either ready now or will be ready this weekend. That and I counted a handful more just starting out. I even hand pollinated one that looked like it needed it.  Insane!

Oh yeah, I found reference to a cool idea for deterring raccoons (and other nocturnal pests).  It's a solar powered red light that blinks like an eye.  Apparently nocturnal animals fear being watched, so they stay away from this.  Not sure how many I'd need but at only $30 a piece, it would be a reasonable investment if the number was small enough.  Interesting.

Well, I'm going to hit the sack early tonight. I stayed up way too late last night getting re-acquainted with GardenGirl's forum.  Whew, I'm on a ton of forums.  They're all great.  Each has their own special people who are equally passionate and knowledgable about gardening etc. But what's a guy to do?  Is it too much to ask for a universal forum and community site.  I must say even in beta mode Freedomgardens.org is the best design, and with over 1,000 members it's always hoppin', but GardenGirl has some high powered contributors and she's very very active on the boards herself.  Then there's Gardenweb and Ft2Garden.com.  Both have dear friends but at least GW it's mostly a few of us helping out others.  Don't get me wrong, it's fun and I love helping others, but I hate it when someone asks a question of me and it takes me a week or more to get back to that thread and see it.  Whew.  I've been thinking that for quite a while now and it's good to get it out.  I'll still be active on all my favorite sites, just maybe not as timely.  And of course all my garden buddies are near and dear to my garden!  And look at the bright side, I've learned a TON this year.  I've got a ton more to learn and experience, but it does me proud when experienced gardeners compliment me on my knowledge and are surprised to find I don't have a full season under my belt, hehe.

Lastly, it's all about the gardens!  Enjoy!


  1. You've probably heard of this, but have you tried 'marking your territory' to keep raccoons away? Doesn't get any cheaper than that.......

  2. Sinfonian - I have tried various forums, and think that GW is probably my favorite, but....I haven't been to the one by gardengirl. Perhaps I will check it out sometime! I think you have done a fine job with your garden this first year, and really appreciate the fact that you share your thoughts on everything. Keep up the good work! I visit your blog each and every day - because it is one of my favorites.

  3. Hey dude, check out my blog when you get time....i've got something for ya!