Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

Boy last night was beautiful weather, slightly overcast and 60 when I got home from a particularly stressful day at work.  As much as playing with the kids was fun, it wasn't reducing the bloodflow to my head, so I decided to head out to the garden.  Let the stress reducer do it's job, since that's the original reason I built the garden in the first place.  Ah, forethought!

Well, while I was out there I remembered a post that got to me from Granny.  She was bemoaning thinning carrots and correctly called it hers and my issue.  When I planted last time I got fed up with placing one tiny seed in each of the 16 holes of one SF, so I kind of sprinkled a bunch over the square and called it good.  I don't recommend it.  What I found last night was something like this...

So I went back inside and grabbed my seed packets and decided I was going to fill in the spaces.  Then it hit me, I had tons of seedlings right her.  So I started gently thinning the heard.  But instead of tossing them in the compost pile, I replanted them in the blank spots!  Hehe, I have no idea if that will work, but it's worth a shot.  What have I got to lose but a little time, though I know that's prescious at this time of the year.  The low for last night was in the low 40s. Our furnace kicked in for the first time! Make sure you changed out your filters...  I think hoop covers are in order for the weekend and the trellis has to just come down after I've harvested everything I can. /sigh

Anyway, here's a new square of totally transplanted carrots...

And here is a good shot of my thinned carrots.  Oh, and if you are shaking you head now about me thinking I can transplant carrots, I also planted 2 squares with seed.  My family is loving carrots right now!

Lastly, in the dim of sunset, I watered and saw some really good looking cucumbers on the vine.  The weather DoubleD and I have been commenting about over the last few weeks has really given both of us a bumper crop.  I think she's right that this was the last hurrah, though I do have a few still growing.  Anyway, I pulled a whopping 8 pounds off those 6 plants, not including two slicers that I didn't harvest because I can't get through the one in the fridge hehe.

A quick call to my brother and presto, a pickling date for Wednesday!  I've still got about this many in the fridge waiting to be pickled.  Oh yeah, and I think I'll can up the ones marinading in the garage at the same time. It's getting a bit nasty out there and I'm tired of skimming every few hours, hehe.

Enjoy your garden, it really calmed me down last night!


  1. Just a warning that carrots don't transplant well. Disturbing them while the root is growing often results in a stunted or deformed carrot, if it continues to grow at all--it's true of other root crops too. But hey, you might get some interesting shapes!

  2. Hey there! (Your friend from path to freedom neighborhood!) = I have to agree with you about the stress reducer. It is really great to pull weeds, plant and generally putt putt about the garden that helps me to take my mind off of a stress filled day.

    I have received my garlic/shallots from Territorial the other day. I need to research to see if it's too early. Although with this certain change into Fall I guess I can't be too early? Not sure. Last I did plant (a couple of years ago) I planted in October.

    You had nothing to lose by transplanting those carrot seedlings. I did the same in June, and was surprised/happy with the handful we received.

    Well, let's both keep our fingers crossed for some Indian summer this October, or sooner!

    Our tomatoes have been just so-so. I should have had them out in the first week of May/with cover. I gambled. They went in very late, around June 7th.
    I am not sure the canning tomatoes will make it, but fingers crossed. We have been enjoying pear tomatoes in our salads, and the occasional Stupice. The Roma's are few and far between, so we slice them for sandwiches.

    A nice surprise was the Green Zebra. Those have been coming on as fast as the red pear tomatoes. Green Zebra is a first for us. If you close your eyes they are sweet/tart taste. My husband has plans for a green salsa, and I have to agree with him, this would make an excellent green salsa.

    I have many cucumbers, but the slicing kind. I am looking forward to your future posts about pickle-making!

  3. Katie, sorry to hear that. I'll take what I get I guess. I transplanted lettuce that way also. /shrug Thanks for letting me know. Now I won't get my hopes up.

    Sue, Great to hear about your tomatoes. Boy could I use an extra hour or two of sunlight tonight to play in the garden. Guess sleep is the next best thing.

    Tomorrow is pickling day I hope, so we'll see how the long marinade worked out. And the short method too.

  4. Smart move Sinfonian to get into the garden and "destress" - I need to take a chapter from your book this week - cause I am in the same mode at work (likely for the same reasons too). Every few minutes I can grab to stroll the garden and putter - is likely to help me unwind just a skooch.

    Good harvest on the cucumbers!

  5. I broadcast seeded a bunch of lettuce and spinach and had the same idea about thinning and moving some of those seedlings around. I think I'll give it a try and see how it works.

    The cukes look great. Cucumbers are my very favorite crop so I am hoping to grow a bunch next season.


  6. Great blog! Love it! Keep on Gardening!

  7. Re: carrots
    What I do is sprout some in a moist paper towel and plant as soon as I see a root peeking. They all come up perfectly! Got to keep an eye on them though, they sprout in just a few days and you have to plant them right away.