Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

Sorry folks, I wanted to post last night, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  So here's what I've been up to... work, work and more work.  But I did get to at least talk gardening last night at my sons' preschool with one of his teachers.  It was fun, and made me feel almost as good as being there, hehe.

Today was the second frost in a row.  Not a bad one, but probably enough to kill anything non-cool weather or not under cover.  I'm marking the 21st of October our first frost.  Smart or lucky, I'll take lucky for putting up my hoop covers LAST weekend, even though I was exhausted.  If I'd have waited until this weekend, I'm not sure damage wouldn't have been done.  Now I'm golden, and the hoop covers are holding up nicely.  Though they haven't had to withstand a fall storm yet.

That reminds me.  Garlicman from suggested I get these plastic tarp clip things for my covers rather than the rust-prone binder clips.  I couldn't tell what they were very well, but looking at them just now they don't seem to work for me.  However, I may use the 1 inch pipe split down the middle in small chunks to grip around the tarp.  Kinda the same concept.  Would be harder to put on and take off, but they wouldn't rust.

Also, regarding the hoop covers, commenters convinced me to put one of my remote themometers inside the hoop cover to compare to the temperature outside.  So after I watered I put it in the middle of bed #2.  A half hour after I put it in there (and let some warm air out watering), the initial readings showed an 8 point lead for Obama in the polls, oh sorry, wrong 8 points, hehe.  That's right though, the garden temp was 53 at 8:30 and inside the hoop cover was 61!  Not bad.  I will have to ask my wife to check it at noonish tomorrow since I'll be at work.

And sorry to say there are no pictures.  It's tough to take any in pitch black.  Maybe I'll get a few progress shots (and see some growth myself) this weekend. hehe

Enjoy your garden!


  1. I am going to be very interested in the temperature reads. I know that I can "feel" a distinct difference inside and out of the hoop covers - but have never taken the time to do a read of the temps (inside and out) to compare. 8 degrees is a tremendous difference. It jives with what Elliot Coleman states is the improvement provided by covers in his book "Four Season Harvest".

  2. One of the things covers to is to help with humidity. So although you might only see the temp only be a couple of degrees warmer, the humidity also adds a different kind of warmth.

    I've found using a combo remote temperature hygrometer to be ideal in monitoring instead winter boxes.

  3. Wow, I think I need more coffee after reading what I just posted! I think you get the gist though. :)

  4. That's a really go temperature difference! Going with the idea of penguingardener temp/hygrometer you can get greenhouse thermometers that have a low and high hand that will stay at the min/max temperature of the day.

    ps, I plant my garlic 3" down due my climate. The soil will freeze 3 feet down with the top couple inches constantly freezing and thawing. Think of all the digging I would save if I lived in the pnw.