Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008

Not much to talk about today.  Mostly wanted to thank those who commented yesterday. Rebekah, thanks for trying, but even copying and pasting that long address took me to the iVillage homepage instead.  Thankfully using your search parameters helped me find it.  Well, I found 107 possible answers.  I will have to look it up later.  Until then they're sitting in a tupperware container drying on their own, for good or bad.

When I got home I had a good idea, it hit me as I got out of the car... rain drops, tons and tons of them.  Hey, I wonder how my compost cover is holding up?  So I ran into the back yard and checked.  Sure enough, the middle of the full compost bin was too low and it was puddling there.  Not horribly, but retaining water.  I think I'll need to keep the pallet gate shut and use a 2x4 to flatten out the low spot.  Either that, or this weekend dig out a bit under the low-end pallet wall. When we were installing the cover I could tell the edge of the wall nearest the pear tree was up a bit, likely resting on a root.   I'd hate to disturb a root, but it's the easiest solution to the flow problem.

Also this weekend I think I'll take advice and use a hair drier to try to heat the pipe to bend enough to reach across only 3 feet.  Otherwise I could swap out 2 of the brackets and PVC pipes from my original hoop cover, which are only 1/2 inch rather than the new pipe at 3/4 inch.  Maybe that'll bend farther without breaking? 

Lastly, I couldn't help but get excited at work today.  Someone said it's supposed to be nice on Saturday.  Nice could mean actual sun.  Actual sun Saturday would mean I FINALLY dismantle my Butte potato bin.  What I and countless other people have been waiting for since March is about to arrive.  It's almost time to find out what kind of harvest I got from my late-season russetts!  I am so anxious it's unreal.  The weekend can't get here soon enough, though if this weather remains foul, I am not sure I'll harvest.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. I was fixin to dig the Buttes (russet) potatoes myself this weekend! I dug into them Saturday and was plenty impressed with how much I found in just a tiny little foray into the bed. I have a feeling I have a bumper crop waiting for me to lift. I hope you find the same in your growing bin.

  2. I clipped the post with the relevant bean info and tried to post it but my second comment of the day wouldn't take! One more time, (now it's personal! : ));h=v8/3751/0/0/%2a/e;10959028;0-0;6;18009034;21-88/31;15930618/15948513/1;;~okv=;!category=househom;!category=gardenweb;chan=home;sect=gardenweb;!category=mb;sub=clippings;;sz=88x31;pos=13;tile=13;~aopt=2/1/bc/0;~sscs=%3f

  3. Stupid iVillage! Alright, now I went to the relevant post, clipped it and sent it directly to your e-mail through GardenWeb. That was my fifth try to get that info to you, could have typed it up myself in a comment with less trouble!, but it became an issue of personal pride! I will not be outwitted by a computer **€@;&€"@:@). Okay, better now.

  4. Sinfonian, on bending pvc.....The hair drier may be sufficient, but an actual heat gun would work better. Even a good cigarette lighter will do it. And, 1/2" will definitely bend easier than 3/4". Another trick is to fill the pipe with sand, and close both ends with tape. You can then bend the pipe around anything round, as you apply heat to it. This keeps the pipe from kinking. I'll be watching for the tater harvest!

  5. I am very much anticipating the russet harvest, those plants grew to a massive size.

    I was thinking about your comment about the compost lid not being rigid in the middle. Why not make up a couple squares out of 1"x3" that are the size of your bins then add center supports. Attach the corrugated 1" strips to the frames and attach your plastic. Then hinge it to the bin so it is then rigid and can easily be propped open or latched to the fence behind. Just a thought though, that plastic is pretty strong as it is.

  6. DoubleD: Great minds think alike, hehe and so do ours! Can't wait to compare harvests.

    Rebekah: Hehe I know how you feel about computers and how they're SUPPOSED to work. Glad you're better now.

    EG: Good idea. Thankfully when I got home they went in no problem. Bending them most of the way did the trick. And my father-in-law has a heat gun, but I wouldn't want to make him drive over with it just to bend pipe, hehe.

    Dan: Again, great minds think alike. Your idea is one I have had for the compost bins but forgot when we were installing it. I may dismantle it this weekend and build something better and removable as you say. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Hi Rich! On those beans, just spread them out on a paper towel (leave the beans in the pods) and let them dry really well (at least 2 or 3 weeks). Then, open the pods and remove the seeds. Let those dry for a week or so on a paper towel to remove the last bit of excess moisture. Then you're good to go! They are very easy to do... they just take a little while to dry out.