Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2008

Not much to post about today.  It's been a pretty slow week gardening wise.  Seeds are coming in, that's excellent news, but I still am working on my brother to put together our Territorial Seed order.  We hope to do that this weekend.

The biggest news is the weather.  No, it's not shocking that it's hovered around freezing at night and hasn't gotten to 50 during the days.  What is odd is the fog.  I think we've had fog for 48 hours straigtht this week, and three of the last four days.  Fog isn't unusual for us, but it always burns off by noon.  Not recently though.  Good thing I don't have plants trying to grow right now.  There is no sun when there's thick fog. 

Well, I'm writing this early in the morning so I'd better shuffle off to work, but today I'll be thinking about my weekend to-do list.  I like to do that on Thursdays throughout the growing season so I can get a jump start on the weekend by tackling some of the really fun stuff on Friday if I can.  So, what's on your list for this weekend?

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Well, i'm planting 80 onion sets, turning the compost piles, stuff like that this weekend, and might plant some potatoes. It's about 3 weeks early, but they still have plenty at the store.


  2. I need to clear a 18' x 26' section of ivy for the deck. Hopefully we'll get enough in the tax return to build it this year. Else, I guess I'll just have to cover the section with swc's...

  3. It has indeed been foggy and gloomy for the past two days - but I must say that the preceding days of sunshine over the weekend and into the first of the week - seems to have given my plants in the unheated greenhouse a shot of energy resulting in some noticeable new growth this week.

    This weekends "to do" list to get "ta done!" is to finish removing the lower limbs of the two trees close to the top end of the garden and to remove at least two (hopefully three) more roots/stumps from my garden expansion project area.

  4. We are in for another frigid week next week, thanks to Alberta's cold blowing in! I wish they would keep it.

    This weekend I am cleaning the basement & keeping my routine of checking the onion seeds. Really exiting... maybe not so much.

  5. I got in all my seeds BUT tomatofest today, but they shipped yesterday so I am hoping they arrive on Saturday. :)