Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

Well, as predicted, I got nothing done this weekend.  I had fun, but nothing garden related got done.  Nor did I go shopping for anything.  About the only garden things that happened was that I got some seeds from a garden buddy of mine, and I had some good conversation time with my garden muse. 

After the show on Saturday, we statyed up way too late eating fresh baked brownies and ice cream and chatting.  I had mentioned SWC's to her over dinner and so I called up Judy's instruction page (follow the link to her site on the blogroll), and Raybo's videos on Tomatofest's site (google Earthtainer (TM) it's easier).  She decided that they would be perfect for her concrete patio in the back yard.  I agree completely.  So we're going to make an evening of it.  She wants 5 built and I need 3, so we'll do dinner and chat while we do an assembly line.  So I've got to look for sales and make it to Wally World to see what I can pick up.  I would really like to cut down on the costs a bit.

We also decided to combine our Territorial orders to save on shipping.  Could be a doosey.  While we were at the show, it started snowing.  By the time we left our friend's house we had about an inch on the ground.  They commented that every time we get together it snows these days.  Hehe they're right.  Good thing I've got nothing growing in the garden right now (except stalled succession lettuce). 

Today was a bunch of hurry up and wait surrounding the kids.  But since it was snowing all day, I didn't get out into the garden, and my wife was gone all day so I couldn't shop.  Lazy day.  Well, except when I was babysitting 4 toddlers, hehe.

Well, I've got a ton to do before I head out on a business trip later this week, so I'd better cut this short.  But before I go, I'd like to direct folks to Judy's blog.  She recently celebrated her first anniversary of her garden blog.  And since she's the one that twisted my arm to get me to write this drivel, I owe her one!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Sounds like you had a perfectly enjoyable weekend! Good work!

    You were wise to stay out of the garden today any ways..... too dang cold. I was foolish enough to spend many hours working on some tree limb removal and about froze. Was quite happy to call it quits around 2 pm and come inside for good. Brrrr...

  2. Love those raised beds, are they cedar. We built a bunch of raised beds in the back this past year as well.

  3. DoubleD, great work and get warm by your great fire!

    Susy, alas no, I couldn't afford cedar. I went pressure treated for our wet PNW weather. They've served me well.