Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11, 2008

Well, now is the time we find out whether or not I really live in Zone 8b or not.  According to the hardiness zone map, we're not supposed to get below 20 degrees, that's the definition.  Now I've gone on record as saying I don't recall us getting below 20 degrees, but then not being a gardener, why would it necessarily register.  Well, this is what folks were talking about at work...


43° F | 34° F
6° C | 1° C

Snow Showers

38° F | 23° F
3° C | -5° C

Chance of Snow

32° F | 22° F
0° C | -6° C


31° F | 20° F
-1° C | -7° C

Partly Cloudy

32° F | 22° F
0° C | -6° C

Note the snow in the forecast, well that's got folks talking. And I'm supposed to be at a Christmas party for a customer tomorrow.  Hope the roads are ok.  Anyway, look at the next two days, pushing the limits of 8b. And some places in the area may dip down as low as 15 degrees.  That would definitely be a no-no.  Of course, maybe if it's a decade between occurances the map wouldn't be redrawn.

Either way, it's REALLY cold outside.  I've thrown my themometer out there again to see if being below freezing does anything different under my hoop covers.  The outside temp was 38.8 when I brought it in to change the batteries.  Now their in their positions to tell me the story.

Stay warm and enjoy your garden!


  1. Wow Rich.... snow and some very low temps! Try and keep warm and safe. Last night on TV I saw where all the folks in Mississippi and Louisiana were having alot of trouble driving in the snow that they received. Thank goodness it bypassed us here on the Alabama coast. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with snow. Of course, all the kids were so excited that there was a chance they might see some snow LOL

    I went out and checked on my garden yesterday again. My camera batteries are dead so I'm going to have to charge them today. But I wasn't able to take any pics. I'm hoping that everything out there is ok because it's 32 degrees down here this morning and nothing is covered up (yikes!)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Welcome to the abnormally cold winter group! Oh, I've got lots of snow...I put the pics on my blog. Anyway, I hope your hoop covers protect everything. I'll have some in place for the next planting.


  3. That is pretty chilly temps for your area. I recall every time Vancouver receives snow, the news crews set up at the top or bottom of hills and film all the crack ups for the evening news. Not really sure if this is such a good idea but I guess it makes for good news.

    I think your plants will make it through under those covers, they are troopers!