Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

Short post today. The weather hasn't gotten above freezing in 48 hours, which is insane for the Seattle area.  With the warm ocean air coming of the Puget Sound we rarely have freezes for long, let alone a week or more as they are predicting.  Oh and we're expecting more white stuff Wednesday, to add to the ice that's remaining.

What I wanted to share is that my wife called to ask where the thermometer was outside.  When I said under the hoop covers, she said oh that makes sense.  Seems it read 31 degrees at noonish, but when she checked the temp for the area it said it was 25 degrees.  Maybe, just maybe, the hoop covers are actually working a bit.  Novel concept.

Thanks for all the comments. I am very hopeful that the veggies will bounce back when the weather heats back up.  Frost hasn't damaged them, only the freezing temps.

Oh, lastly, I've agreed to write another article for Patti's ezine.  This one will be a bit more difficult because the only topic I was given was SFG.  A bit broad, hehe.  Should be fun.  No clue when it's coming out but I'll be writing it this week.

Take care all and stay warm.


  1. I hope that it starts to warm up soon! On man, more snow Wednesday.... yuck! I know what you mean about the weather this year. It's really been weird here too. Last week it almost snowed (it did snow in New Orleans and Houston) and now this week it's going to feel like summertime all over again. Talking about confusing to the plants... my lettuce isn't going to know whether to grow leaves or bolt.

    I think you're hoop covers are great! It's keeping the temp warmer in there plus it's keeping off the frost and snow.

  2. HHMMM...I'm thinking about the varieties you have under the covers, and even though the temps are down to 25 - you'll be fine. Believe me...I've been dealing with the same stuff for over a month now, and mid 20's is no problem. Hope everything does ok!


  3. Hi there,

    Got here from Freedom Gardens...was reading the Monsanto info...just as mad as you are!

    I will be coming back to your blog when I have more time since I've found lots of good info...meanwhile...I don't know if you noticed you still have Territorial seeds as one of your links on the top right of the blog...

    Thanks again!

  4. That is great that the hoop covers are starting to hold in heat.

    We are in for some snow too, 2" tonight and 6" friday. I'll be giving the snow blower a work out if the weather man is right. It sure has been weird weather this year 46f one day and 17f the next.

    I look forward to your next ezine. Who knows, maybe you will be writing the next sfg book.

  5. Yeah, actually I've got mixed feelings about Territorial. They are working to replace Semmis varieties as quick as possible, and do not sell any GMO varities. They are sending me a list of their Monsanto varieties so I can avoid them. It'll have to do.