Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008

Well, today's Wednesday.  Time to water the garden.  So after slugging through a rough day at work (still sick), I decided to hit the garden before I came inside.  It hasn't rained in several days so I wasn't sure how damp the soil would be under the covers.  Unfortunately the wind had opened the end flaps on all three beds, so any heat that was trapped inside would escape easily, but it's not that cold yet.

I still don't have a light out there, so I watered by memory, and didn't see what was going on under there, but I'm exited for this weekend when I can see if I've got more peas growing and if my lettuce is getting any bigger.

Reading my book, I came across his perfect seed starting medium.  He may not have come right out and said it, but he perfectly described Mel's Mix, hehe.  Guess my brother was right when he said that my seedlings would love my Mel's Mix.

Mr. Colman is really big on France.  As great as this book is, I really need to find someone who did the same journey to England... the UK and Seattle share similar climates.

Today I read about some cool old greenhouses.  And apparently long ago a sign of wealth was if you had a greenhouse and could eat out-of-season fruits and vegetables all winter long.  That's exactly what I'm doing in my garden.  Pretty cool huh?

Oh, and if you are looking to build your own cold frame, he's got great directions in there. Even down to building your own "lights" or window frames, so that the water will run off them instead of being trapped like my normal windows.  Very cool.

So see, the book's not all that bad. I just like poking fun of experts.  Especially when Mr. Colman tells you all about his favorite tools.  Most of which he made by hand, so you're out of luck unless you have a machine shop in your garage. 

Then again, it could be the stress of the job taking it's toll on me.  Boy could I use a day in the garden.  Of course the garden doesn't need a day of work.  It's in fine shape.  Sure it could be tiddy'd up a bit from the toys my kids have left in the paths, and there's always shrooms to "harvest", but all in all, the garden's in good shape.  DoubleD was right.  This is the time for minimal garden effort and maximum garden benefit.  And to think, most gardeners buttoned up their gardens and packed up their tools in September or October!

I sure hope you're extending your season or better yet, four season gardening.  Enjoy!


  1. I still haven't started reading chapter to chapter on the four seasons harvest, just been poking around the book. I will have to start soon though as it has to go back to the library in a couple weeks.

    Does the hoop covers cut watering down?

  2. Sinfonian - sorry to hear that you're still sick, bummer....Anyway, this book sounds pretty interesting.


  3. Ok, ol' music buddy....I'm planning on videoing myself playing bass for you this weekend. I was gonna do "Master of Puppets", by Metallica, but it's way too long- and would take forever to upload to youtube. So, i'm thinking maybe Ozzy, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, or something along those lines....I'll let ya know when it's ready!

    BTW, I only killed a few of the cole crop seedlings in my chamber. I'm gonna keep a better eye on it.


  4. Hope you are feeling 100% soon Sinfonian. Isn't it nice to have the garden go "quiet but productive" for the winter?!

  5. Clearer plastic is available and can be reused effectively if it is 4 mil or thicker. When not in use store away from sunlight. Consider placing tee posts at each end of a bed and stringing wire between them. Draping plastic over this, you have an a-frame tent for your plants -- and if they need more protection while young and tender, drop de-bottomed milk jugs over them as cloches on the coldest nights. Use lotsa mulch -- I like crumbly leaves best for this -- they are dark and absorb heat well.

    Get better soon!