Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

Ah, Seattle.  We are not set up for snow.  Too many hills and too few snow plows for the entire region.  As a result, the THREAT of snow mid-afternoon on Wednesday actually closed schools all over the area.  Insane really.  Their excuse was that they didn't want kids and parents out in the snow when they let out of school!  Back in my day that would have never happened.  As it, the snow didn't start falling here until 3:45, well after school is out. 

The funny thing is that we had this bubble around the greater Seattle area, or a shadow effect from the mountains around us.  The bubble kept the snow away all day long.  Instead, north of Everett (15 minutes north of my house) was getting dumped on all day, and south of Tacoma (about an hour south of us) was also getting tons of snow.  Of course it messed up the commute, but I got home before the worse of it fell.

So, thus far, we've got about 3 inches, and it's still falling.  I'm working from home.  I have to get things ready for the deal I've worked for three months on to close tomorrow.  Bad timing.

Anyway, I don't know if we'll get out today, the kids want to.  But I did snap this picture of my blueberry beds since EG got on my case about not including pictures in all my blog entries.  Hehe, I'll be good for the next few weeks, but unless you want pictures of darkness, you ain't getting any during the week.

Stay warm and enjoy your garden!


  1. That's about the same amount of snow that we got last week. Bummer...oh well, your veggies are fine, i'm sure. I'll post tomorrow with no pictures, because I ran out of new ones, dangit! Heh. Oh well, i'll take tons this weekend. I'll even try to make a few videos.
    BTW....the seedlings are rockin'! I checked them this evening, and they're growing like crazy...yay!


  2. We're getting all kinds of snow out here. We're just as unprepared. The kids were out all week.

  3. What until you see the photos I post tomorrow of all the snow we got Friday, It is unreal.

  4. Wait until you see the photos I post tomorrow of all the snow we got Friday, It is unreal.

  5. My goodness!! when i lived in tecoma as a kid, we never got let out of school, i went to school even when i could stick my hand out in front of me and barely see my fingers, or when the snow was over my shoes. My mom'd say Leann!! its not that bad!! i'd be thinking "ya, your not walking in that crazy fog!! LOL" but i'm surprised of all the snow! and how long its staying cold :'{ ~Medo

  6. I was just thinking back when I read Leann's comment. Everytime it would snow down here (on the Gulf Coast) the schools would let out. It was crazy... no one knows how to drive in the stuff LOL So they'd let school out and then you'd have tons of cars on the road everywhere.... just what didn't need to happen LOL But it only happened maybe twice in the entire time I was in school.... but we always kept our fingers crossed that it would snow because it would only last a couple of hours and we'd have so much fun playing in it. I suspect that if we had to deal with it for days on end, we wouldn't have liked it too much.

    Now that I am grown and have a garden, I just cringe when the temps drop near freezing. And snow -- well, that makes me freak out LOL! My, how times have changed.