Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008

Thanks all for your weather updates.  Sure we're wimps here.  Being on the coast does that to us.  The warm weather coming of the water always keeps our temps above 20 degrees, but it also brings tons of rain.  If only I were a few thousand miles to the south I'd be in San Diego, which has 75 degree weather all year long, hehe.

Well, it's 34 degrees and snowing at 11 pm.  But because it's above freezing it's only sticking to the grass and not the road.  That and it should melt by tomorrow morning. 

But last night was a heavy storm with high winds.  When I checked the hoop covers this morning, this is what I found.

Yep, the wind did a number on my hoop covers.  The cross bar on bed #2 came off completely and it slid down on bed #1.

Unfortunately we were on our way out to shop for the kids, and I didn't have a coat on, so about all I did was put the plastic back over the hoops and weigh it down with the brick.  The cross bar is laying in the gravel path for now,  I really need to drill some holes and throw some bolts into it.  Twist ties just don't hold it in place well enough.

But now I'm worried about the snow.  Without the cross bar the snow will weigh down on the plastic in between the hoops.  It'll be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow.

Oh, and I didn't even look under the hoop covers, let alone take pics.  Tomorrow I hope to do all that.  That is if it warms up and the snow stops, which I'm confident will happen.

At least the good news is that the jumbo clips held like a charm.  The plastic stayed in place so not all would have been lost if the weather had turned as foul as they forecast for the next few days.  Brrr.

So I'm going to check to see if we really will have to drop a point or letter based on the temps over the next few days.

Stay warm and enjoy your garden!


  1. Last night when I was watching the Weather Channel, I saw the storm that was blowing into your area. I immediately thought about your garden LOL! I hope that it faired ok through the night.

    Last year your spinach grew really well until the leaf miners.... how is the spinach doing this year? Does the cold weather help to keep them away?

    I am thinking of planting more spinach in the garden (I have some empty space). So far, I'm just harvesting a little from the couple of plants that I have to use in green salads. But, since I still have some space, I would like to grow some to put in the freezer for spinach dip and spinach soup.

    My sister has an awesome recipe for spinach soup. I'll have to get it from her. It is so good! She told me that it was easy to make too.

  2. We used large binder clips to hold the plastic to the hoops.

  3. Sinfonian - The zone designation is based on an average over a large period of time - a one year anomaly will not result in the zone being changed up or down. They should be considered a guide to the typical conditions you can expect - but not an absolute. The review of zones are made by the USDA I believe every ten years - and they use a wide period of time to determine if any adjustments are needed.

    We got about 3 to 4 inches last night and the grow tunnels held up fine - but did require a sweep this morning to remove the accumulated snow. Now comes the bitter cold. Brrr.....

  4. I also saw that some pretty cold temps were headed in your direction. I'm sure that the hoop covers did their job.