Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

Well, another busy weekend in renovation land.  Thankfully we're getting close to being done so it should go on the market this month. YAY!

Big post day today. Yesterday I tried to write one but couldn't find the motivation or a topic even.  Today I have far more to talk about than I can get into a decent sized post.  That means check back tomorrow for part two, and maybe the next day and so-on.  I'm on a roll now.

Why the change you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  I WORKED IN THE GARDEN TODAY!  Yep, three hours in the garden made all the difference in the world.  I went from tired and miserable to energized and excited.  The power of a garden folks, it's undeniable!

So what did I do today to cause the change?  Well, nothing really, but a ton, if you know what I mean.  I guess to start I should tell you what I DIDN'T get done today.  My goal for this weekend was to install my trellis.  My tomatoes are well past needing it, and my peas are in desparate need of something to grab a hold of.  So yesterday I went into the shed and searched for the 2x4s for my trellis.  I found them in the rafters of the shed, really the only place to store them in there.  Unfortunately less than a foot away from the stack of wood was a tennis-ball sized paper wasp nest teeming over with little fly-like wasps.  Funny looking things. I would have mistook them for flies if I hadn't seen their nest.  Well, I couldn't get my wood down without disturbing them, so I didn't.  

This morning I killed them.  Yep, no debate there.  Bees are one thing, but wasps are another.  Sure they serve a purpose in nature, I get that, but not around me and my family.  So, when I woke up I threw on my heavy coat, a hood and heavy gloves, grabbed a can of raid and went to battle.  Tactically, I opened the shed door, crouched inside, took aim and shot!  Two seconds later one or more wasps came swooping down out of the nest in a dive formation.  Thinking fast, I slammed the shed door and beat a hasty retreat into the house. Hehe. Yep, I'm a coward when it comes to stings.

Then it was off to painting all day at my folk's place.  Mostly I painted the half-bath in the basement.  I had a 3 inch roller, a 9 inch foam roller, a regular roller and a brush.  I used them all painting that bathroom.  It looks good now but boy was it hard work.  I was glad when we cut off early and I could head home.  Thus the reason I got time in the garden.

Let's just say there was too many small projects to fit into one post, so I'll mention some of the things that didn't get pics attached and were just so-so.

I hit the one plant that's got a dozen tomatoes growing on it, with a nitrogen boost because it's my smallest plant.  All the energy's going into producing tomatoes and none to green growth.  I hope the nitrogen will help it grow some more vines.

I also turned the compost. It needed it.  I only added the kitchen compost, some shredded newspaper and water, but the aeration was appreciated.  I'm sure just mixing it up and adding a bit of stuff from the kitchen will heat it back up nicely.  Oh, and I threw some corn cobs in there. My wife had put them in the kitchen compost bin and I just left them there.  I know the cobs don't decompose well at all, but I can just pick them out next time I fluff it.

Ok, now for the perfect ending to this post.  Remember that broccoli that was nearly done?

Well I noticed some yellow on it, like flowers wanting to form, so it had to be harvested.

Isn't it gorgeous!  Well, we had 1/3 of it for dinner with some Costco Lasagna and garlic bread.  As good as the meal was, the broccoli stole the show. 

What's more is that my wife tried it and actually liked it!  She hates broccoli.  Well, chaulk another veggie up to "it's better when we grow it".  Cauliflower is like that as well.  She only eats it when it's ours. hehe.  Speaking of cauliflower, look at what I found this afternoon!

So now I've got four broccoli heads forming in various stages and two cauliflower.  This is my favorite time I think.  Sure the tomatoes will be great, but fresh broccoli and cauliflower are to die for!

I hope you had as much fun in your garden as I did in mine!


  1. I feel for you with all the painting. I spent the day painting our new shed, and I can sure feel the overhead painting in my neck and shoulder tonight! Your broccoli looks great, probably four times the size of the ones I've cut. I think I see one cauliflower forming, but it might just be my imagination, 'cause I want it so badly!

  2. I'm glad you got so much done! And your broccoli looks amazing :) Yum yum!

  3. SInfonian, you're just a stone cold killer. :) I'm amazed by that broccoli! THat head is fantastic.

  4. Your brocolli and cauliflower look fantastic! Mine didn't do as well with the cabbage worms attacking like crazy this year. I still harvested, but not nearly as good. I'm with you on the flavor though. Nothing beats it.

    I look forward to the fall and winter harvest of those wonderful veggies again.

    I'm on tomato watch too. Any day now...

  5. That broccoli sure does look good! That one head looks as big as my entire harvest this year..Good job!

  6. That is a gorgeous head of broccoli. I am always amazed at how much better home grown veggies taste - it often makes converts out of "non veggie" eaters as a result. Once upon a time ago when I was much younger, my husband insisted he did not like green beans. Then I got him to try my home grown - properly cooked (not overcooked) pole beans - and the rest is history! Green beans are his second favorite harvest item now after snap peas.

  7. Yes, homegrown broccoli is like a completely different vegetable! Nice how energized the garden made you.

  8. ACK! Wasps! I was already screaming while you were still putting your heavy coat on! I hate to be stung too!

    Your broccoli looks delicious! We'll have to wait until fall/"winter" to get ours...

  9. I am a big wimp when it comes to spraying wasps as well. I think I start running before pulling the trigger. Your broccoli & cauliflower look great. Glade to hear the renovations will be done soon.

  10. Everything looks great! But I gotta ask...How can you only eat 1/3 of that Broc? I could have eaten the whole thing by myself! On that note, I'd be more than happy to take those other pesky broc beauties off your hands. LOL. Enjoy!