Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28, 2009

Well, it seems like I'm on break from working at the house. We're in the home stretch with seven days before the stager comes in to take over the finished house.  Are we ready, not even close.  So after 8 hour days this weekend, we're going to pick right back up Monday after work and do that every day this week until it's done.  Actually, we're down to one page of big ticket items, and several of them have been crossed off.  It was really cranking today with everyone pitching in and doing what needed to be done.  I even tried my hand at installing quarter round base after my brother threw up his arms and gave up, hehe.  I survived it by not overthinking it. I knew I couldn't measure the 45 degree cuts with any precision so I measured once and cut 4 times for each piece.  Young legs, hehe.

Ok, I know, this is a gardening blog, but I had to share my to-do list results and it was a biggie on the list.  I also worked on the clogged drain, hehe. Cleared it with an arosol jet product rather than removing the toilet, YAY! Now the sink isn't even slow, it's been slow for months waiting for the renovation to be done to dig into it.

As for the garden, I got home from my folks at 6:30. Immediately the boys and I went out and mowed the lawn.  Boy did it need it, but alas, that's all I got done.  I had light to put up the trellis, but my arms and legs don't move. 

During my absence today, our teacher that I started the tomatoes for stopped by for an impromptu garden tour.  She was in the neighborhood, but I wasn't.  So my wife led the tour.  I was pleased that she took home with her a boatload of lettuce and my big head of broccoli.  Now I don't have to figure out how to eat it before it blooms, hehe.  She even caught that my watermelon was really a tomato. I hadn't mentioned it to my wife and our teacher said "there may be a watermelon in there, but THAT'S a tomato." Hehe.

Well, you've heard my schedule for the coming week. I can't guaranty I'll have anything to say or get to do anything this week, so the posts may be a bit sparce.  Sorry in advance.  It will all be over in a week. Eye on the prize, hehe.

Enjoy your garden!

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  1. Urban Veggie Garden BlogJune 29, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    I do multiple cuts on trim work as well until things fit perfectly. If you have extra length why not. Another trick is to use a scrape piece until it fits right and then cut the finished piece. Good luck on the home stretch!