Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

Wow, it's been a while, and I hadn't even noticed.  Sorry.  At least I've been taking pictures along the way, even if I had forgotten to post them.  See, I'm going on vacation next week (staying home), so it's been slammed at work.  Such is life when you want to go on vacation.

Call this the anti-garden tour.  Things are going funny in my garden and I wanted to share.  Not sure why it's happening, other than some are obviously because I'm not harvesting the way I should.

For instance, I found this pea pod when I was snacking in the garden.  Needless to say it got composted.

As far as the corn goes, I got mixed messages from the 6 stalks.  First off, the leaves started to shrivel.

It's possible that the scrap containers dry out too fast and I need to be better at keeping it watered more often.  The good news is that the tassels are starting to form!

Unfortunately I haven't seen any cobs or silks forming.  I forget the process.  Ah well, next week I'll have plenty of time to check it out.

Also on the good/bad news front. I think it's about time to harvest my garlic.  I found out I shouldn't have been watering it, but I have.  Oops.  Help me, I've never harvested garlic before. I'm clueless and my brother says it's easy and not to worry.  How is that helpful? hehe.

Oh, don't mind the weeds, I haven't had time to weed and didn't want to disturb the garlic by uprooting the plants around it.

Lastly, I thought some of the carrots I've planted that got tall and rooty rather than carroty.  The only thing I could think was that for some reason they were going to seed immediately rather than doing so after overwintering.  Sure enough, I've found two of these.

If that's not a flower, I don't know what it is.  Now I have to decide if I'll leave it and let it go to seed and collect them for planting next year, or pull them for compost?  Thoughts?

Lastly, it looks like I'll have real salads soon with both lettuce and tomato.  Eat your heart out Judy, hehe.  Now if only I could get my cukes to grow.  It think an email to KitsapFG is in order to see if I have any prayer of getting cukes out of newly seeded cukes to fill in where didn't take in the shade of my late maturing cole crops.

I'm getting excited for next week, but before then, I'm going camping, so don't expect a post this weekend.  Enjoy your garden!


  1. Woohoo for corn tassles! Mine formed a few weeks ago and the silks only earlier this week. The pollen smells so good, doesn't it.

  2. I found tassles about 2 or 3 weeks before the cobs came in. I went by and shook them good so I would be sure to have corn. They are coming in completely different times. I have harvested 2 from one stalk and none of the others are big at all. I planted about 8 of them at the same time. Weird. Even when I did harvest those, they were way too small. According to what everyone was saying, they should be ready to harvest in 90 days. I passed that the beginning of July. What is the saying....absence makes the heart grow fonder? Maybe it makes it taste better too lol

  3. I am confused why you think you should not water garlic? No plant should be overwatered, but it would die if you do not keep it watered properly throughout the growing season.

    There is a chance you could get some cucumbers if you plant right this very moment. But odds are about 50/50 of success. If we have a late warm fall then you will get a crop. If the rains and cool come early - you just grew some veggie material for the compost. Grow a fast maturing variety and give it a go if you have space - but don't be too dissappointed if the weather works against you.

  4. Your lettuce looks really good. I've had the same problem with my one and only pickling cucumber. I put it too close to the cole plants. Maybe I'll try your way and plant some more seeds. I have a bit of empty space in the garden right now.
    This sure is the time to be more busy in the garden keeping up on bugs, weeds, harvest, fall planting, etc. Good thing you are getting your vacation!

  5. I think you're not supposed to water the garlic when it's close to harvest. It just sort of dies on the way to ripening.

    I am not sure I'd save seed from any plant that went straight to bolting -- isn't that a characteristic you'd like to avoid?

  6. Enjoy your trip! The garden will be there for you when you get back.
    Also agree with stefaneer on the garlic watering... it's a bit like onions or other bulbs, water as long as there's a bit of green in the leaves, once it falls over let it dry out before harvesting - otherwise the bulb will rot.

  7. Oh I can't wait to see your garlic! Did you know that all of the seed companies are saying that it's time to order now? I need to get an order in so I'm not planting an unknown variety from the local store (but organic of course LOL).

    I've never seen carrots go to seed... hmmm, interesting!

    No fair about the lettuce!!! LOL But, you know, I could swap you a ton of cucumbers.

  8. Judy, where are you getting your garlic "seed"? Sinf, ty for the info on the garlic, I did not know that! Also, thanks for the pics of the flowering garlic. Kids picked all my flowers in the front. The plants are enormous, though. Fingers crossed for both of us. I think I'll copy the planter idea, though the planters at our Walmart are twice what you paid (dang it!)

  9. I had a problem where my pickling cukes seemed to stop growing.
    I fertilized them with a "blooming" fertilizer, one that is high in phosphorous. I don't recall atm the brand (from K-Mart). It was 10-60-10, I think. I continued to add this every two weeks.

    I got about 24 cukes from 3 plants. I've recently replanted. For 6 seeds, 3 germinated in 5 days. Seeds are "National Pickling."

    Do the National's grow differently than your's? Who knows.

    Good Luck.

  10. I just harvested my garlic the other day. There were still about 5 green leaves when I pulled it which I think helped keep the tops from just pulling off (then having to dig for the head). I've got it hanging to dry a bit then I'll put it away.