Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Wow, where has July gone?  Sorry I haven't posted, but it's been just plain too hot to garden much.  The later part of my vacation was spent on the garage, helping a friend move and playing at the pool with the kids.  Alas, nowhere in there did I mention gardening.  Well, that's not quite true, I did find a use for the mostly cleared bed #1.

Yeah, I know, I'm late for fall planting, but I think I'll be ok.  I planted tons of carrots as they're the best after a frost when the starches turn to sugars.  I also planted some broccoli and cauliflower butting up where I had the lettuce.  Finally I planted a square of radishes and one of green onions.  Not sure if the onions will work, but they didn't work this spring.  Go figure.  Last time I transplanted them from indoor started seedlings and this time I direct-sowed, but it shouldn't have mattered.  I'm trying again.

Not only did I sprinkle finished compost over the bed, but I worked some in. Two kitty-litter buckets full. That should replace any nutrients that the former residents took away (they tasted yummy too).

Another reason I didn't garden much is the heat.  I don't know what's up, but this weather is for the birds... snow birds that is.  I'd expect temps pushing 100 in Arizona or the South, but not here.  We haven't had rain to speak of in weeks.  It's downright insane. 

Now I know what you're thinking if you're a reader from one of those insanely hot places, but we aren't built for that kind of heat here. NOBODY has AC, and fans just push the 85-90 degree interior air around.  I'm ok at work but when I get home, it's an oven. And my poor family, they aren't lucky enough to spend 8+ hours in AC bliss. 

Lastly, the heat's not doing well for the garden.  The cauliflower that was heading nicely is prematurely going to seed, the peas died with tons left to harvest, the potatoes are laying over, and worst of all, there must be hundreds of flowers on my tomato plants that are dying.  I understand fruit won't set above 90 degrees.  Well it's 95 out there now.  Grrr.

Well, that's all for now, stay cool all. I think I'll throw some ice cubes in a bowl and stick it in front of my fan, hehe.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. This heat sucks! I can't find the energy to go out to my garden and pick what hasn't fried. Can I make a suggestion about green onions? I get multiplier onions, stick them in the dirt and in a couple of weeks harvest. I saved some from last year and they are just great. My winter carrots are sprouting - I totally agree, they are extra sweet in the winter.

  2. Sorry about all the heat! Been cool past couple days here... and supposed to continue in the 70s to 80s all week. Almost feels like fall is upon us... but wait... it's not even August yet!!!

    Hope you get some good fall crops! Which reminds me... got to get my peas planted!!

  3. I am from one of those insanely hot places, Tucson Arizona lol. I wish it was pushing 100... today was 108 and right now (10 pm) its like 93.... You are so lucky! :-p

  4. Man, I can sympathize. I think I live at the very gates of the bad place, and they left the gate open. Today was the first day in at least a week that Hubby's weather gadget hasn't hit 109. Winter can't come soon enough.

  5. No AC? I think I'd cry. I know we go on and on about the humidity here, but hot is hot no matter where you are. Hope it cools off soon!

  6. I used to do much hotter when we lived in central Washington (where it pushes past 100 regularly during the summer) but we had AC there. No such thing in the house here.

    It's a challenge keeping the garden happy during a long haul dry and hot spell. While the current spike in temp is somewhat dramatic it is following weeks of dry and pretty warm before it. Forecast is for dry and warm after this spike goes down too. All that adds up to opportunities for peppers, cukes, and tomatoes - but requires almost daily watering chores.

    While your vacation time was not much spent in the garden, the "playing in the pool wth the kids" sounds pretty wonderful.

  7. I hear ya, Sinfonian! I don't even want to go out to the garden in this heat, but it's a necessary evil. I'm almost glad my tomatoes are dropping their blossoms, it might give me a bit of a respite from having to pick and can them.

  8. I hear you about not being built for it. One of the reasons I live where I do is the consistently modest temperature. When it kicks up really high, I wilt along with my garden. It's nice to anticipate the fall garden and the cooler days.

  9. engineeredgardenJuly 29, 2009 at 2:54 AM

    Sorry for the uncomfortable conditions you and your family are having to endure through. I grew up with no ac, but it sure was difficult to sleep at night here in Alabama. The stress your plants are experiencing right now is what we go through for at least 2 months each summer, that's why it's so important to get the corn planted early.

  10. I think all your fall planting should do fine, according to Coleman most things should be in the ground by 8/15 in your area. It says the green onions can be planted right up to 10/15! I wish we had had some of your heat, the weather person was saying the other day that the coasts have switched this year. But at last we are getting some heat this week, I hope it sticks this time.