Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

Well, DoubleD from Poulsbo and Freedomgardeners.org just informed me that we're in for some really nice weather for the next several days. 70s and 80s sound really good for my plants.  Especially the tomatoes, which need to rippen a bit faster if I'm going to harvest what's growing before the first frost, hehe.  I know it's far off still, but when I've awoken to see this every morning this week, I'm not so certain...

Right now I'm just telling myself that the dew is good to help keep the soil moist, hehe.

Oh, and last night I called Territorial Seed because I had asked for a catalog, hoping to receive their winter catalog, only to receive not their winter, nor even their summer, but the spring catalog that I have 3 of already.  When I called last night I was told the winter catalog isn't out yet.  Don't they realize it's planting time for fall and winter crops, not time to order seeds!?  That reminds me, I was supposed to call this morning to talk to a staff member of Territorial about the different varieties of Mustard Greens that would be mild and tender enough for salads but give it a bit of a bite.  Gotta spice up salads if you're going to eat them almost every day during the winter.

Speaking of which, I didn't have my salad tonight. I feared yesterday that I wouldn't because my wife and I didn't eat together. She had a board meeting for the co-op preschool so I fed the kids played with them and put them to bed.  Then I spent a while on the internet scanning through Freedomgardeners.org a bit.  I can tell that I am so outclassed there.  First off, they don't have a problem EATING their veggies.  I knew this was going to be a problem when we didn't cut our produce budget hardly at all because we didn't buy very many veggies.  Fresh at least.  We just need to get in to the habit of making meals that lend themselves to eating veggies from the garden.  Right now that's not happening.  A lot of it's my fault since I can't tell when I'm going to be home, but we're so busy in the evenings that we just make quick meals that don't revolve around veggies.  I'm tired of it, but since I'm the cook, it makes it difficult.  Ok, enough wallowing.  My garden is growing, planting time is now, and I've got ripe tomatoes on the vine!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Huh, I could swear I've got the winter Territorial catalog at home. It might be a fall catalog though, do they do both?

    I'm pleased about the heat. Might actually get some tomatoes after last years epic tomato failure.

  2. I joined Freedom Gardens a while back. But when I tried to login this week, it didn't work so I created another account and sent a "wave" to you. I think that is going to be a great site!

    We've had a little bit of a "cool" front move through here lately. It's supposed to be 72 degrees this morning!!! And I'm so excited about that LOL We're also supposed to have lower humidity too (thank GOD!) My MIL is having low temps in the 50's and 60's.... already......

    Oh I love Mustard Greens. There are several varieties that I've grown. I think the Southern Curled would be good (plus it's pretty!) for your salads. The leaves are a bit more thinner than the Florida Broadleaf variety. Also, the Tendergreen is a good variety.

  3. Mustard greens from territorial: http://www.territorialseed.com/product/980/s
    This is apparently close to the variety our CSA farm in Redmond grows, which is what we put in our salads. Plus, the pretty factor is high. :D