Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008

Well, this was a wasted day for gardening. Oh and let me say up front don't expect a post for me for the next two days. You see, my family has been cycling through the same bloody 48 hour stomach flu that we've had one or two times each for the last several years.  Funny that it took me this long to recognize it. Normally I'm one of the first to get it. That's what threw me off.  Anyway, this nasty bug is thankfully short lived.  It makes you unable to keep ANYTHING down, and I mean anything including water and flat Sprite/7-Up, for 24 hours.  You can almost set your watch by it.  Then, the next 24 hours is spent feeling like you've run a marathon without eating up for it, but can't seem to find the will to eat.  Funny how that works. You can keep something down but you have no desire to try, despite going 24 hours without food.  It's a very good cleansing ritual. 

First my youngest had it, which is another reason it threw me off. 2 year olds have energy if they're on death's door.  That was a few days ago, so he's 99% better now, though not quite with his appetite back.  Today was spent nursing my DW and DS, washing sheets, stuffed animals, clothes, towels and the occasional seat cushion while comforting a 4 year old that only partially gets it.  His mother is more cut out for this.  She's a saint.  I just looked out side as they lay on the couch watching repeat episodes of Curious George and Little Einsteins, lamenting the sunny 70 degree weather. 

All I got done today for my garden was to do some research online. I found that beans and cucumbers are companion plants. I don't think I knew that. I just planted them together because I needed the trellis space.  So when I read that, I remembered that I had forgotten to harvest from the other jungle.  It's easy to forget becaus you literally cannot see the cucumber plant between the monster tomatoes and the wild pole beans.  I pulled 2 more cukes for pickling out of there, just a bit smaller than the ones from yesterday.  They'll make great pickles.  Which reminds me. My brother expects to pickle tomorrow or Sunday.  I think I'll have to cancel.

You know, it's funny, I feel basically fine. It's like I know my future.  So I've prepared for it the best I can by super hydrating myself knowing I'll be dehydrated for the next two days, and had a nice big early dinner hoping to digest it to give me strength.  Sorry for belaying the point, but I remember last year not really caring if I made it through it, as silly as that sounds.  My wife hasn't gotten up from the bed or couch except to relieve her stomach of whatever we were foolish to feed her, and she's a very strong woman.

So, if my premonition is correct, I will not get to fluffing and adding to my compost pile, pickle my cucumbers or spend the rest of my vacation playing in the garden.  Ah well. I've got more vacation time, it's just busy at work so taking time off is difficult.  Goodness I've got to become a homesteader and drop off the grid, hehe.  I guess first I'll have to learn to love all veggies. /sigh

Oh, the good news. My sourdough starter is acting as planned.  It is very stickly and elastic, and it's starting to lose it's pineaple smell (the acid kills a bacteria that will stop the fermination process) and it's starting to smell a bit sour.  That's a good sign.  No frothing but that's not even anticipated tomorrow. You feed it anyway.

Well, hope you have a productive and enjoyable weekend in your garden.  If you hear from me, that means I'm not dying. Either way, I'll be back Monday.  Enjoy your garden!


  1. The last time I had stomach flu like that DH had to work, and my 2 year old was fine & bouncing off the walls - plus I was pregnant, so I cheated and downed my morning sickness medicine. It worked lol
    Good luck hope everyone gets better soon :)

  2. Nice find for the sour dough starter, it is not the easiest to find a good recipe. Interesting that you add pineapple juice, this was not called for in the recipe I tried a couple years ago. I would imagine through it is in such small quantity once you add the bread ingredients you wouldn't even know it was in there.

    I also have a recipe for sourdough pancakes that you make with the starter. I think it is actually originated from cowboy's and not the brokeback mountain type, haha. I will have to look it up for you.

    Good luck and defiantly keep us posted.

  3. Awww, Sinfonian and family, I hope you are all feeling better real soon. That sourdough should be ready in time to bake some wonderful bread to help you regain your strength!

    Hugs from the east side to the west.

  4. PG:
    Wow, I cannot imagine dealing with this pregnant. My wife hasn't moved in 24 hours (today was better, just no energy). Glad your trick worked and knowing what I know about this illness, your DH should have called in sick. It's insane to think you could take care of a 2 year old, especially one that's about to start throwing up any second. Mine's had it forever.

    I'm following the starter recipie from They also have a good no-kneed sourdough bread recipie. As for the pineapple juice, it's just for the acid which kills some bacteria that stops the fermination process. The pineapple smell is already gone. I did just find out I need to keep feeding it regularly to keep it active. I don't remember my mother needing to with hers. Not sure.

  5. hope you and your family get well soon.

  6. Ugh, hate the flu. Hope they feel better soon!