Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008

Seahawks won! And with their #3 QB playing the entire game!  Didn't see anything but the final OT field goal to win it.  Had fun on Lake Cushman playing with co-workers. It was 90+ and the water was nice and chilly.  LOOOONG drive, and we stopped and had dinner and a movie without the kids, so it was nice.  Didn't do ANYTHING in the garden but hope to do whatever is needed this week.  You can bet you'll be hearing a ton from me, but it's 3 am and I've got to get up early tomorrow to go on a boat ride.  The fun never stops and I'm trying to make the most of this last bit of summer with the family.  That's a main reason I started the garden and a main reason I'm not in it this weekend.  I'm sure you understand.

Take care and enjoy your garden!

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