Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008

Not much gardening happened today.  I helped my wife get the word out about our preschool by watching the kids at a "kids festival" in nearby Bothell.  The cool part was that my kids loved the ducks.

And aren't these cute...

There were also "wild" chickens and roosters there, just running around the pathways between the country village shops.  I heard from a shop owner that a mother hen and baby were newly arrived the other week.  Somebody had them and discarded them there as unwanted.  She was worried since they were pets, not wild chickens that could survive in the open like that.  It makes me wonder if someone like myself saw the many videos online for chicken tractors and urban homesteads and got themselves a chicken and rooster, only to find that they are hard work and maybe loud etc.  So they just dropped them off on the side of the road to be done with them.  Sad sad sad. 

Anyway, while I was walking the village looking for activities to for the kids, I couldn't help but notice something.  Hehe I see raised beds everywhere I look now that I garden.  And all I could think of was boy those are cool, permanent and need veggies growing in them.  Of course it would have been out of place there, but I admired the craftsmanship.

I figure it's a 2x10 bed, and there were two of them.  Hehe, I'm twisted, I know.

Tomorrow I've got the boys to myself again. I'll let them play in the yard while I get some work done.  In fact, I didn't even make it out to the garden tonight we were out so late. I hope the coons left my garden alone. I used enough of the stuff to choke a horse...

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Hi Sinfonian. I can't believe how great your garden looks, who would ever believe that you are a beginner!
    I pretty much lost everything to bugs except for my tomatoes. I did pick some green beans over the weekend (about 2 single servings worth) but I didn't keep all of them as some had brown spots all over them.
    I know what my problem is, I'm not inspecting my plants close enough. I planted more squash and green beans over the weekend and plan to keep a very close eye on things this time and act quicker! Whish me luck.
    That was a very sad story about the chickens. I would have loved to take them home with me if I lived there. I have started building my hen house and will go hen hunting after we get it fenced in with some chicken wire.
    Keep up the good work and good posts!!!

  2. Thanks Angie! Really, I am learning as I go. Like I have no clue what to do now with my corn. hehe. That's how I garden. Do something, then research or ask what to do next.

    Sorry to hear about your garden woes. I do wish you luck. Beans row fast. This time will be different. Just keep telling yourself you can do it.