Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008

Well, not much to post about tonight.  Enjoyed the weather by going for a walk and watered the garden, but I didn't get a chance to replant my lettuce.  Out of four seeds planted of three varieties, only one (Red Sails) germinated.  Now those aren't good odds... 

And speaking of lettuce, as you know we haven't been doing a great job of eating it.  Not sure if it would have helped or not, but this Saturday is the picnic for work and the plan was to take a salad from my garden.  Unfortunately the lettuce is not cooperating.  It is bolting and looking horrible.  I will try to pick some but it may be a caesar from the store.  GRRRRRRR.

At least I've got cucumbers growing out my ears... all except my slicers.  The pickling ones I probably can and should harvest about 6-10.  They're a bit big for pickles but they should be good eats for salads.

And while I was watering the garden and the kids were playing, I picked four more ripe blueberries from my bush, one per person.  Still very sweet, but I think I may have forced the issue on picking the last one.  You're supposed to let it fall off the bush with just the slightest pressure.  You don't want to pick them.  Still haven't tasted the Legacy, but the Blueray is tremendous! 

My family is going blueberry picking tomorrow.  I sure wish I could go with them but I'll be at work.  I'm taking the next week off so it may be tough to get the afternoon off.  I may try. We had so much fun picking raspberries together, I'd love to go.  Maybe.

Enjoy your garden!

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