Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008

Today is the "lucky" 8/8/08 and odd enough, a co-worker of mine went into labor this morning.  Hopefully for her sake she's delivered by now and she can say her daughter is very lucky in more ways than one.

Well, today I didn't do anything in the garden. I watched the Seahawks win their first preseason game and played with the kids.  Family time over garden time.  So all I can share today is a site I found. Freedom Gardens from PTF

I've been reading the journal at Path To Freedom for quite some time.  Even if you aren't interested in homesteading, I found you can learn a great deal from them, even if it's only inspiration to do just a bit more to help your family, the environment and the world.

Anyway, Freedom Gardens is a community of people striving to feed their families from their own garden.  I found there are a half dozen members in Washington, including one a few miles from me.  The site's in beta testing right now, but aside from numerous glitches, it's a great place for gardeners to hang out.  Sure there are countless other places, including and GardenWeb veggie forum but I've found gardeners are all about community. That's why you can get a gardener talking about his or her garden for hours on end.

I also like Freedom Gardens because it's good to be a novice newbie again.  I certainly don't know all the answers and many folks there seem to.  Good place to go and share!

Tomorrow I hope to get a ton done in the garden, for Sunday I'm going to a Mariner's game with my dad.  He wants to go so I'll go.  I'm not big on losing teams.  I'm shallow like that I guess.  Ah well, enjoy your garden!

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  1. Hey sinfonian. You are lucky that you and your dad are able to do things together. A baseball game would be nice, even if the mariners are not very good. I just wanted to let you know that I check your blog from time to time. I would really like to exchange emails with you, if you want. We live at both ends of the country, and can really have some interesting conversations, I bet. We can talk about music, building things, gardening, and all kinds of things. Email me anytime at