Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11, 2008

Well, today was supposed to be a good day at work. I didn't work particularly late and got a ton accomplished for a change.  But by the time I got home I was so exhausted that all I could do is water the garden and sit on my behind while my kids ran around the yard. 

Of course I found out that my wife, son and mother-in-law raided the carrots. Apparently they're ready, or some of them are. 

This was one of the smaller ones according to my wife.  My son had one this afternoon, my wife had one and my MIL took one home.  Cool but I wish I could have been there to take pictures and try one. We took turns eating this one. I just knocked the dirt off and started munching.  I think my eldest got the better part of the deal, he loved it so much that I just had to let him finish it.

Notice that he's eating it funny?  No he's not doing What's up Doc?  (he hasn't seen Bugs Bunny, too violent) He's actually trying to avoid his front teeth.  His brother bonked heads with him today and fractured his front tooth (lower).  Apparently he needs oral surgery to extract the tooth before it gets infected.  Poor kid.  it doesn't hurt yet but he wants to pull it so bad to get it under his pillow and he's probably going to have to go under.  He's going to hate the dentist.  Grrr.  It was pretty cool to see the the xrays though, with his huge adult teeth just under the surface just waiting to sprout, just like seeds.  Hehe like how I brought that back around to gardening. MUAHAHAHA

Anyway, I didn't do anything of what I'd like to accomplish this weekend.  I had such grand plans for this evening.  Hopefully over the next two days I can get some stuff accomplished...

- Fix up the SWC and get it filled with dirt and plant my canaloupes.  I sure hope I'm not too late.  I'm not sure what I'll do for a trellis since I seriously doubt I need to use the netting on my 3 foot tall corn stalks. 

- Fluff and wet my composts, adding coffee grounds to the mix.  I don't have any grass to add but my new bed has enough on the outside to heat it up if I give it some more water.  It dries out so quick.

- Plant more carrots. I don't think I have nearly enough!

- Plant more radishes because I'm finally working our way through them.

- Eat the cauliflower. It's getting to look freekish.  hehe

Enjoy your garden!

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