Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008

Thanks for the comments for Chrissy.  She's really went through a lot this gardening season and to see how much she went through it was just amazing.  It is an honor calling her a friend.

Anyway, today was the most amazing salad I've had in ages.  The grilled chicken and green onions really made my standard salad pop!  I will definitely do it again... maybe tomorrow, ok took a brief hiatus to rush out and pick more lettuce and spinach before it got pitch black.  Now I've got an even bigger salad for tomorrow.  I was a bit hungry afterwards this afternoon, so a bigger salad is up for tomorrow... with chicken and green onions of course.

This evening was odd weather. It was a nice day, not great but nice.  And by the time I got home, the dark clouds had rolled in.  I pulled up to the driveway and my whole family was outside waiting for me. The kids were playing and my wife asked me what the weather forecast was like for tonight.  A quick blackberry peek at Weather Underground and BAM! out jumps a weather advisory for Western Washington for thunder showers and possible inch sized hail.  GULP!  What would any hail, let alone hail with mass do to my leaves?  I quickly ran through my watering in the expectation that showers wouldn't provide enough irrigation for my garden.  By the time I finished the thunder was rolling and the rain drops were starting. 

I was right about the rain. It wasn't much, but there was no hail either.  Whew!  We may still have some rain tonight but I think the threat of hail or thunder and lightning is over.

Oh yeah, while I was out I tied up a stray tomato vine. It was reaching all the way across the SWC and into the opposite bed, shading the cukes and marigolds.  It's not anymore but I hope I'm not crowding the tomato plants too much.  It is a jungle in there.  I understand I'm supposed to thin it out but pruning is not my my strong suit.  Help is in order next time my mother or aunt is over.

While I was out there, one peak at my potato plants had me really worried about the wilting corner of my yukon golds.  I don't have much else on that side to produce potatoes so if I lose that plant and no potatoes grow, it'll hurt production.  Ah well. This is my first year, so it's an interesting experience.

Enjoy your garden!

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